Karma is real–even in the blogsphere!  BELIEVE IT-I have pictures to prove it.

Remember the other day when I was making fun of the reviews for the INSTYLER?

“Not unlike most products, there are lovers and haters.  The thing that made the haters different in this case is that their posts often read like this:  “BURNED MY HEAD”  “Burned my hands and ears.”  “Broke when I put too much hair in it.”

Since I am a female…and have always used heated tools on my hair (like since I was 10.) I felt with my 20 years of heated tool experience and COMMON SENSE that I would be ok.  Seriously, you burned your hands, head or ears?  Really?  Have you never used a curling iron before?!  ALSO, the INSTYLER comes with a “How to DVD.”

Ahh…the irony is almost too much.  This morning while try to manage my STUPID bangs, I burned my forehead.  For those of you that are giggling, I am tempted to be mad, but at the same time I appreciate your appreciation for irony.

For those of you that haven’t had a burn in a while, let me remind you.  At first there’s the shock of the initial contact, then it actually doesn’t hurt.  Then suddenly the slow but building painful burning sensation (not at all unlike the burn from acid.)

I know you can’t tell in this picture, but it hurts…A LOT.

Karma Burns...

The great thing about this picture is that you can see the small scar from the “Hydrochloric Acid Incident.”  It has healed nicely, but I think there might always be a scar… (the other great thing about the pic is that I kind of look cross eyed–awesome.)

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

Thank goodness for Neosporin +Pain Relief.  A burn just plain sucks.  It’s not like a poke or an abrasion-these both hurt but generally its a short lived pain.  A burn hurts far worse after the fact.  AND this is exactly why I love Neosporin +Pain Relief.

Not only does Neosporin provide first aid infection protection it also provides MAXIMUM strength pain relief.  THANK GOODNESS.

I wasn’t super confident in the pain relief aspect, but sure enough it worked.  I applied the ointment as I was walking out the door.  By the time I got to my desk the pain was GONE.  GONE.

Moving forward, I will be keeping a tube in my purse. Not a lot of proud moments lately.

Image from HERE

24 hours later…no pain but…

Its not that bad…is it?


7 thoughts on “Karma BURNS–YET ANOTHER NEOSPORIN review

  1. WhOA!! Da-yum honey child!!! Go 2 the nearest shiseido counter & put some of the revitalising cream (black jar) on it!! They use it @ fashion shows when the stylists burn the models-trust me, it’ll get rid of the pain & keep in from scarring!

  2. I know this is late but did your burn scar? I have one just like yours on my cheek when I accidentally burned myself with my curling iron 3 days ago. 😦 it’s a first degree burn and im concerned if it’ll scar or have permanent pigmentation changes. 😦

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