Bula Schmula!

The last day has been a bit trying.  Everywhere you go they say “Fiji Time!  NO HURRY NO WORRY.”  Charming, right?  Only until you need something done 😉

And then there’s the kids…..This resort is beautiful, but its like the Disney Land of the Fijian Islands.  BLECH.  We also discovered that Australian parents believe in letting their children “discover” with very little supervision (turns out the Fijian people abhor this behavior)-my SHH actually called a kid a DW for squirting him in the face with semi automatic water gun (oh how toys have changed since we were kids). Clearly there was no mention of this in the reviews.  Nor did they mention that the Adult Pool (that we had planned most of our lazy days around) has been under construction and inoperable since 2010…though still listed as an amenity.

To top it off, we were enjoying a BEAUTIFUL sunset dinner 10 feet from the waters edge when the live entertainment BUSTED OUT in “THE WHEELS ON THE BUSS”  Followed by a wonderful rendition of “Jon Jacob Jinglehimer Shmidt” for those of you that are unfamiliar with that song, its from BARNEY–you know the big purple dinosaur ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lwVFt_f4Uw).   After the shock and awe we left, in the middle of our meal (cocktails in hand).  Went back to our room and booked an adult only hotel 🙂  As luck would have it we got a refund for the rest of the nights here 🙂  That said, we both have “the wipers on the buss go swish swish swish, swish swish swish, swish swish swish, the wipers on the bus go…..all over town.”

And finally, the silver lining……since we can’t stand all the kids we have spent many hours in the spa (kid free zone)enjoying relaxing treatments 🙂  Off to enjoy a coconut body wrap now 🙂

Here is a picture of the BeBe Spa perched high above the resort:

BeBe Spa

Is this real life? I felt like at any second a Unicorn might coming running towards us on the beach….

6 thoughts on “Bula Schmula!

  1. Funny, it sounds a lot like South Central Kentucky. Lotta kids, no supervision, ignorant parents… yup, all the same, except no palm trees. 😦 And that John Jacob song is way older than Barney. I knew that song when I was a kid (aka before Barney)

  2. Welcome back to the blog! This post is an absolute RIOT. Totally same experience in Jamaica – everything was all ‘No Worries Mon’! Literally slowest service on the entire planet, but completely gorgeous. Have fun! 😀

  3. Hi, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award because I think you deserve a little something for making your blog always look fab! To share this little bit of blogging kindness: 1. Display the award image on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 7 things about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites. 5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post. Thank you for all your great posts and congratulations!

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