Papaya Pumpkin and Jalapenoyo’face–sounds like a tasty salad :)

Peaches Miracle Mask

Product Description: This special active enzyme mask reduces discoloration from age spots, scar tissue and sun damage, as well as removing dead skin cells – thus giving the skin a more youthful flawless look.

Wear as a spot treatment or mask. Can be worn overnight and as often as every day.  Always apply to clean skin.

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

Pumpkin and Papaya wonderful-ness all up in my face.  I love love love it.  I love the way it feels on my skin.  AND I LOVE THE RESULTS!  I’ve done the mask two nights in a row and am over the moon happy with the radiance. I like this mask for all you readers that hate the intense tightness that a lot of clay masks give you.  This goes on like a thick moisturizer and feels slightly tingly (all those anti-oxidants working so hard) and washes off like a cleanser.

In the last few days, I have had a lot of questions about my daily skin care regimen. So here it is 🙂

I start with the Blueberry and Coffee Exfoliant, then the Cleanser (with my Mia) then the Papaya Creme Enzyme Polish,  I usually don’t actually wash off between each product, I just apply over,  then I spray the toner.  I apply the mask with a brush, I let it sit and then wash of with warm water (only once a week).  Then I spray more toner and apply the Retinol Night Creme. In the morning, I do the same but instead of the Retinol I rotate in my Monistat (aka vag cream moisturizer).

It seems like a lot, but its a lot faster than one might think.  I switched to Peaches in Feb because I was worried about all the chemicals I was putting on my face EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It was a tough mental transition for me because I was used to paying between $50-$200 on EACH product.  I was also used to FANCY pants packaging and outstanding fear based marketing.

Peaches Skin Care is none of those things.

1.  Each product is under $30 because the owner believes everyone should be able to afford good skin.

2.  It seems they are able to do this because they don’t spend a lot of money on fancy pants packaging.  All of their products are packaged in a cute but simple way.  ALSO, they only produce small batches of the product, hence their ability to keep everything all natural.  “Organic, filled with anti aging antioxidants and pure penetrating food for the skin. YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE with your first wash. “-Peaches

3.  “I have never believed in oily or combination skin, I believe we all have normal skin but we damage it by using foundation, bad skin care products, smoking and not knowing how to care for it. “-Peaches  Clearly not fear based marketing 🙂

If you are looking for an all natural, organic, full of anti-oxidants check out this line:  PEACHES SKINCARE

If you are looking for a Starter product, consider the Blueberry and Coffee Exfoliatant, the Retinol Night Creme or the Pumpkin and Papaya Miracle Mask.  I have found these to be my “no matter what” products 🙂

Also, if you suffer from Acne, check out their testimonials.  They will BLOW YOUR MIND.  And, if you have acne and aren’t using Vag Creme (MONISTAT ONLY) on your face, you are BONKERS.