Friday Finds and Random Thoughts

1.  Creative Friends, if you are not on Pinterest you’re not living.  Seriously, go NOW:  If you need an invite I am happy to help 🙂

2.  My good friend Tiffany made a comment recently about Mary Kay taking too long to order (like 3 days).  Immediate gratification at its finest:) And I absolutely agree, but THEY STILL MAKE THE BEST OIL FREE MAKEUP REMOVER!

3. I love this lil gem:

4.  I’m not ready to give an official review of this stuff, but so far I LOVE it.  Stand by for more details!


5.  I will not bore you all with my thoughts on this.  But I will say, that quitting sugar has changed my life significantly.  If you have ever considered it check out this article:

6.  The hardest thing about being a PRODUCT WHORE is that trying different products is obviously hard on my face.  I am constantly torn between “it works so great” and “oh. I wonder if this would be better!”

7.  I am officially 7 days burn free 🙂  No Neosporin in a whole week:)

8.  SHH and I recently took up tennis.  I won’t get started on the snobbery we have experienced at the Tennis Club, but I will say I LOVE TENNIS.  I am ALWAYS amazed at the age range of players.  Age 2 to 92.  We are both terrible, but in the 3 weeks we have been playing we are SO SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than when we started, I love this the most.

9. Food Porn–check out this blog (Two Tarts) its awesome:

10.  Enjoy the SuperBowl 🙂