“What it is:
A long-wearing mascara that curls lashes instantly and over time.

What it does:
This mascara features innovative lash-curl memory that continually curls lashes throughout the day and a proprietary curling resin that dries down and holds the curl of lashes for long-lasting results. A unique brush coats and extends each individual lash for eye-popping results. Its intense carbon black hue delivers a lush, dramatic lash line from base to tip.”  Caption and Image from

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

I got this as a sample with purchase–this is the only redeeming factor.

Tried it for a dinner at home with neighbors.  Normal night, not too hot, pretty chill.

As I put it on I was immediately disappointed.  It did NOTHING for my lashes.  I actually re-dipped MULTIPLE times because I thought maybe the formula didn’t get on the wand….not the case, at all.

Then an hour later I walk by the mirror in the dining room and noticed that there are HUGE black smudges under my eyes.  Like the kind where you wore your best mascara out on the town, get wasted, spend the night with your head in the toilet crying and fall asleep with your make up on.  It was terrible, and only an hour after application!!!!!  WORST EVER.

image from: The Austin Betty