Hello Clarice.

Masqueology Brightening Mask

A rayon cellulose single use facial mask saturated with advanced multi-functioning ingredients that contours to your face leaving your complexion brighter and refreshed.

• Revitalizes and evens out the appearance of your complexion
• Diminishes the appearance of dark spots
• Leaves skin glowing and smooth

Key Ingredients:
• Niacinamide (Rosacea and acne)


• Arbutin

Natural very effective skin whitening

• Mulberry Root Extract

Helps to inhibit melanin production

• Witch Hazel

Soothes and reduces inflammation
Speeds up healing time of bruises
My Professional Product Whore Opinion:
I got this mask as part of my June BirchBox.
Hated it.  It was slippery and awkward.
You are not suppose to wash the residue off after and I hated the way it felt.  Also, I noticed no real results.
This is my one gripe with BirchBox.  With a one time mask like this there is no real way to tell if I like it.