Best Booty in Hollywood??

As previously mentioned, it’s my Birthday Month.  (if I could, I would be playing 50 Cent In Da Club for your listening pleasure as you read this)

I love birthday month for LOADS of reasons.  SHH and I had our very first intoxicating kiss on my birthday 3 years ago.  Every year since then, SHH plan’s some Fab Beach Getaway. First it was some islands south of Costa Rica, then it was Santa Barbara, this year it is CABO!

Bikini’s have arrived, super fab beach floppy hat purchased (now I have to figure out how to pack it-PLS LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS) and everything else has been packed for 3 days…we don’t leave till next Wednesday 😉

Since we are just a few days away from 5 days of bikinis, I am in full on MISSION BEACH BODY mode.  Check out this video I found on one of my fav blogs

I did this workout after my cardio last night and it kicked my booty (pun totally intended) 🙂  Seriously, LEGIT.  There is nothing better than post workout soreness.

The most important beach essential?  SUNSCREEN.  SUNSCREEN.  SUNSCREEN.  I spend WAY too much money on skin care to skimp on SUNSCREEN.  Not to mention I married a quasi Ginger (nothing but love for all the Gingers in the house!)

Right now I am using Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense with SPF 30.  (my SHH will clearly need something stronger than an SPF 30–stay tuned)

PTR from Sephora

“Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion – SPF 30
What it is:
An ultra-light, two-in-one antioxidant sunblock and hydrator.

What it is formulated to do:
This user-friendly daytime essential provides extra-sheer protection against UVA/UVB rays as it soothes and hydrates skin. Rich in antioxidants to protect skin from free radical damage, this oil-free formula keeps your complexion safe and healthy.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Synthetic Dyes
– Phthalates
– GMOs
– Triclosan”

In My Professional Product Whore Opinion?

I love it.  I had been struggling with sample after sample of sunscreens.  I had tried Tinted Moisturizers with SPF, Shiseido SPF, BB Cream with SPF….its exhausting and hard on my face.  As you all know, I hate all the layering of makeup and my new Muard Renewal Complex makes my skin so pretty and radiant that I don’t need to wear any coverage.  I LOVE that this DOESN’T feel like sunscreen…NOT EVEN A LITTLE.  It is easily my favorite thing about this product.  AND better yet, it is also rich in antioxidants and SHEER and PERFECTLY moisturizing for my skin.

Shellac Experiment Day 9:

Grow out is getting more obvious–but its likely that the untrained eye wouldn’t notice.  No chips, or peeling and still WICKED shiny!


Considering my level of commitment to being a FOR REAL Product Whore, I am amazed that NO ONE I KNOW TOLD ME ABOUT THIS-I used caps to suggest frustration.


“Four to five hand-picked deluxe samples delivered to your door for $10 per month.”  WHA-WHAT?!!?!?!  DELIVERED TO MY DOOR EVERY MONTH?  Its like CHRISTMAS but  BETTER and EVERY SINGLE MONTH!?!!?

“Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 4-5 beauty samples from luxury brands. Each month will include a different mix of product types, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair care. All samples are generously sized, with enough product to allow you to figure out if they’re right for you. You’ll also want to take advantage of, which is packed with all the beauty information and tips you need, including expert interviews, helpful tutorials, and fun videos.”

GENEROUSLY SIZED SAMPLES?!?!?  It might as well be filled with UNICORNS AND GLITTER with a RAINBOW on TOP!

I can’t believe I had never heard of this ’till recently.  I blame you friends.  All of you.  And Birchbox for not knowing that I am kind of a big deal and NEED this in my life.  It’s moments like this that makes me wonder if I am a country bumkin….HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS??!?  DO I LIVE UNDER A ROCK???  I am clearly not as cool as I thought.

The worst part of all of this is that when I was FOAMING FROM THE MOUTH EXCITED TO SIGN UP, I got this:  WE ARE ALL SOLD OUT, pls sign up for waiting list.

WAITING LIST????  THIS IS LIKE WAITING IN LINE AT A CLUB!!!  Those of you that know me know I would not tolerate such nonsense under normal circumstances.  (Note to reader:  I haven’t been to a club in…AT LEAST 3 years but when I was a “clubber” I was not about to wait in line)

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

Sign up for waiting list here:  Birchbox

I obviously would not wait another minute.

Image: HERE