I did a ton of research on where to get my hair did….FINALLY, I decided to ask other girls in the beauty industry.  AND I AM CONFIDENT MY RESEARCH WILL BE REWARDED!  Stand by for a full review and AFTER shots.

Here is the OFFICIAL before picture:

Mostly dark, a few highlights (WHY DO I PAY FOR BARELY THERE HIGHLIGHTS!!!?????)

Things I have taken for granted in the past:

My bestie at the time cut my hair for a few years.  Having someone you trust to cut your hair is worth its weight in gold and Xanax ;).  THAT SAID:

To my 876 readers in Texas (TEXAS I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT)….GO TO SATORI SALON (Houston, Galleria) ask for Mariko: 713 869 2444  You won’t be sorry.

To my 503ish MN readers:  GO TO JOHN CHARLES SALON (Uptown or Wayzata) ask for Steven: 612-724-2444 or 952-767-9977 –Ask him for the “porn star hair-ala Malia”

To my readers around the world, I would love to hear what hair styles are trending in your area.  I know there are quite a few of you in Madrid, Australia, Asia and the UK.  Don’t be stingy!  Tell me everything!

Hug your stylist…they deserve it.  Seriously, that industry is under recognized!