Ciate Caviar Paint Pots

I have been on pins and needles waiting for these to come out…you all know how I feel about things with Caviar in the title….

Image from

What it is:
A two-step revolutionary nail art kit that inspires head-turning results.

What it does:
Created in London, this one-of-a-kind nail art innovation brings avant-garde catwalk nail styling to your fingertips. Featuring pearlescent beads for a 3-D effect, this kit includes everything you need to express yourself with your hands and become an instant nail connoisseur.

This cutting-edge manicure lasts at least 48 hours. To ensure your new manicure last even longer: seal the free edge of your nails with a top coat to ensure durability, make sure you allow the pearls to set for at least 15 minutes, and work on one nail at the time while nails are still wet.

I finally found them (in limited supply) at Sephora last night.

We (my cute lil aesthetician, turned neighbor, turned friend) had a little nail polish picnic last night.  Complete with champagne thru a straw and 12 colors of pink:)

Its easier than you might think it would be, but still more complicated than a standard manicure, it was helpful to have a partner for this application.

In this last picture you can see that my first nail, my thumb, didn’t hold up too well.  I made the mistake of not actually reading the instructions.  After the second coat you are suppose to apply the pearls and press them into the nail.  I skipped the pressing part and this is a direct reflection of the finished product.



Its like unicorn glitter on my nails.  I love it.  I wish they had more staying power, 48 hours isn’t enough time to enjoy these fully!

Speaking of Unicorn Glitter…My SHH got me an early 1st anniversary gift…









I always feel like I am just behind all the”cool” trends, for instance, I am just now catching on to the 80’s neon craze 🙂  Fortunately for me its seems to be back!  Neon pink is my fav…clearly.

In other news, something happened today that has never happened to me in all my years….I hit pan on my Laguna bronzer!  This is beauty blogger lingo for, I am almost out and am at the bottom (pan) of my compact 🙂

I switch product so much and so often that I NEVER ever get to the bottom of ANY PRODUCT–the closest I have ever come has been lip gloss.  This is a true testiment of my undying love for this product.  The picture above is a Nars Duo with Orgasm and Laguna.  It’s so great for summer…and winter…and fall…Lets face it, I live in Cali, we only have one season and its called…AWESOME.  I totes recommend this Duo!  DO IT, GET THE DUO!


My Professional Product Whore Opinion:  Post one week of wear—They chipped, a lot-at the cuticle ironically. Grr….Annoyed.

So after my review about the post ombre Aveda Products my FB BFF commented about Kerastase Fibre Architecte.  While I was in Denver last weekend I had discovered that I hadn’t brought a leave in product so I picked it up to test it out.

It’s a little different than some of the other Kerastase products in the sense that it’s not an all over product.  I was instructed to only apply to my lengths and ends and only on dry hair right before curling or straightening.

My professional Product Whore Opinion: I did as instructed and it was like the heat from my curling iron mixed with the product glued my split ends together.  So while it doesn’t get rid of my split ends, it does mask them VERY well.  This product has definitely made the most difference in the appearance of my hair.

Overall, I would say I like the Caviar mask the most, its more of a repair product. However, I like that this product is an everyday solution to my raggedy ends.  This said, I LOVE my ombre…LOVE IT.  Totes worth the dry ends!

In other news, my SHH switched to my Peaches AHA/BHA Cleanser.

Product Description:With alpha and beta hydroxy acids as well as glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids, this cleanser provides a deep cleaning by removing dead skin cells and accelerating the skin renewal process. Jojoba beads prevent occlusion of the pores. Pure antioxidants completely penetrate the skin’s layers to feed it and to reverse the aging process.

This product is used as your primary cleanser and can be used both morning and night.

For all skin types

In his SHH of a Professional Product Whore Opinion:

He uses this with his Mia everyday and has been noticing that his skin is more balanced.  No breakouts in the two weeks since the switch and he likes the “lemony scent.”  He’s also mentioned that he likes the little crunchy bits too (it has a little bit of exfoliating).

Ab Fab April Finds

Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue

What it is:
A deeply penetrating overnight treatment for damaged hair that repairs while you sleep.

What it does:
This powerful treatment repairs and replenishes damaged hair, restores and reinforces hair strength, and prevents future breakage. It absorbs instantly and won’t leave greasy residue on pillows or sheets. The more you use it, the healthier your hair becomes.”

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:   HOLY SMOKES BATMAN.  That said, I should mention that I am constantly a victim of marketing…CONSTANTLY.  For instance the other day I bought Crest GLAMOROUS whitening toothpaste.  Really?!  Glamorous?  How so?  How is that measured?  I’ll tell you how… PURCHASES BY SUCKERS LIKE ME!  This product was no different.  I recently got suckered in by the Alterna Caviar line.  Mostly because it says CAVIAR–David and Victoria Beckham eat Caviar–I bet Will and Kate do too.  I love their accents, and Kate and Posh have amaze hair.  I want to put Caviar in my hair!  CHA-CHING!

The truth is, I got this as a Sephora sample last night.  Applied, enjoyed the pleasant scents, pulled hair up, slept on it, and washed with Caviar shampoo this morning.

MY MANE LOOKS AWESOME.  SERIOUSLY AWESOME.  Princess Kate ain’t got nothin’ on me (Ironically, that’s NOT the first time I’ve used that line in my blog.)

My split ends have disappeared….VANISHED!  WHAT WHAT?!!?!  ALACAZAM-ED!



“What it is:
A collection of precut nail strips in a variety of lavish designs.

What it does:
No fuss and lots of flash: flaunt flirty, fabulous designs on fingers and toes in one simple step with these nail appliqués. Sephora’s authority in beauty trends combines with the color expertise and renowned quality of OPI for a collection of gorgeous, detailed tips no salon can replicate.

What else you need to know:
These real lacquer strips are made of a solid-film material with an adhesive back. They feature extended wear, zero dry time, and easily remove with standard polish remover. Each pack includes a set of 16 strips to fit all nails.”

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:My other FB BFF (who I have actually met once, but thru the wonder of Facebook have fallen deeply in love with)”the hot Russian” as I refer to her fondly, told me about these.

EASY PEASY BEAUTIFUL!  I was pressed for time last night and didn’t get to my mani pedi.  I grabbed these walking out the door at Sephora.  I was apprehensive, but curious.  I FREAKIN LOVE THESE!  It took me a few to get it down pat, but I LOOOOVE them.

Moral of the story:  when the hot Russian tells you to do something…do it.





My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

I was standing at the Chanel counter-waiting for help when the woman next to me noticed I was looking at the CHANEL OMBRE D’EAU FLUID IRIDESCENT EYESHADOW she swore up and down that it was the best shadow she has ever used.  And that the little vile of awesomeness will last forever.  Nuff Said–PURCHASED–CHA CHING

The CHANEL ILLUSION D’OMBRE LONG WEAR LUMINOUS EYESHADOW I watched in one of Tanya Burr’s beauty Vlog’s.  She has the worlds best pouty lips and English accent–You already know how I feel about Posh, David, Will and Kate.  So I ran out and….CHA CHING.  LOVE IT.

Because they are both long wear liquid-ish shadows they last forever–I obviously love that:) and it doesn’t get stuck in my Asian Eye crease.  Also, I mean it when I say, CHANEL HAS THE BEST COLORS!  I am just ga ga over them.


“The It Works body wrap is a detoxifying wrap that works to target the areas YOU choose in a 45-minute application. The body wrap is approximately 21″ long and 11″ wide at it’s widest point.  It comes pre-packaged and ready for use right out of the bag.  There is no need for a messy application process.  Simply pick the area you want to get results in and place the applicator smoothly on your body and use saran wrap or an ace bandage to keep it in place for 45 minutes.

You can achieve better results by drinking lots of water during your wrap day and for 3 days after, since the product continues to work for 72 hours after you remove it.

So take an hour for yourself, relax and lose.” -

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

My very good friend from college told me about her experience with these.  I obviously had to know more.  So I bought them, shipped them, and tried them on Monday night.

I did everything the box says.  I drank all the required water–Before and After.  I measured in three spots and marked the locations of measurements:)

I put the slimy wrap on at 5, instead of saran wrap I used Spanx x2:) I laid patiently for two hours–FREEZING.  The medicated wrap has a mentol-ish tingle.  But I was FREEZING.  TWO SWEATSHIRTS AND A BLANKET COLD.

At 7 I peeled it off and rubbed the rest of the lotion in.  I retook my measurements…DRUM ROLL PLS….1 inch in 3 places in 2 hours!  Weird!

While, I don’t recommend this for “weight loss” as I truly believe you need to eat well for health.  I do recommend these for a “PRE-EVENT I NEED TO LOSE A FEW INCHES TO GET IN TO THIS AB FAB DRESS FOR THE SAKE OF MY SELF ESTEEM.”

Update–its Wednesday now, I did the original wrap on Monday, re-measured this morning 1.5 inches.  WEIRD!  Love it:)

To purchase–USE MY FRIEND: Mandy at  SUPPORT MY FRIEND!  She is amaze!

April Birchbox and PetiteBox info

Nothing I was over the moon excited for, but overall a good box.

I am pretty jacked to try the Amika hair mask…especially considering my recent Ombre.  SHH and I are headed to Denver at the end of the week and will be taking in a Colorado Rockies game, so the Zoya purple nail polish was well timed for my team spirit manicure:)

I really like the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck scent.  I was surprised by this to be honest, I am really picky about scents.

The Dropps and the Juice Beauty Blemish clearing will come in handy with our impending move next week.  I’ll keep you posted on those.

Every month with my Birchbox I feel like other bloggers get better stuff.  I did some changing of my profile to see if next month might be better. I have a few friends that get their boxes in the first week of the month, this makes my wait seemingly longer.

If you’d like to sign up click here:

Also, for you ladies out there that are pregnant or have friends that are pregnant, check this out:  Petite Box  its like BirchBox but for expecting/new mothers.  I can’t imagine anything better than a monthly box full of lil gifts while I am preggers.   I sent this to a friend who is 7-8 months along, I think she really liked it:)  Its a fun gift to give!

Image from What if No One's Watching

Image from What if No One's Watching

Image from What if No One's Watching

Image from What if No One's Watching

LOOK AT ALL THAT LOOT!  What a great concept!  Check out more details on this blog: What if No One’s Watching  She has a fab full review about each product:)


I did a ton of research on where to get my hair did….FINALLY, I decided to ask other girls in the beauty industry.  AND I AM CONFIDENT MY RESEARCH WILL BE REWARDED!  Stand by for a full review and AFTER shots.

Here is the OFFICIAL before picture:

Mostly dark, a few highlights (WHY DO I PAY FOR BARELY THERE HIGHLIGHTS!!!?????)

Things I have taken for granted in the past:

My bestie at the time cut my hair for a few years.  Having someone you trust to cut your hair is worth its weight in gold and Xanax ;).  THAT SAID:

To my 876 readers in Texas (TEXAS I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT)….GO TO SATORI SALON (Houston, Galleria) ask for Mariko: 713 869 2444  You won’t be sorry.

To my 503ish MN readers:  GO TO JOHN CHARLES SALON (Uptown or Wayzata) ask for Steven: 612-724-2444 or 952-767-9977 –Ask him for the “porn star hair-ala Malia”

To my readers around the world, I would love to hear what hair styles are trending in your area.  I know there are quite a few of you in Madrid, Australia, Asia and the UK.  Don’t be stingy!  Tell me everything!

Hug your stylist…they deserve it.  Seriously, that industry is under recognized!





Better Birchbox!

Woo Hoo my March BirchBox finally arrived.


I am super excited about my BB!

For starters, I have been back and forth about SuperGoop and was SO excited to see a sample here!  It’s been rainy here the last few days, so I haven’t had the chance to test it but I am excited.  We are going SUP this weekend, so it will be the perfect chance to try them!

One Love Organics:  Skin Savior

In My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

LOVE IT.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Its like the duct tape of my product arsenal.  It works so well as lip balm, moisturizer, and even a cleanser!  This will be a product I keep with me always.  It smells dreamy!

I also received a Lavender dry shampoo.   I am super excited to use this product!  I have heard loads of good things about it and I have been looking for a good dry shampoo so this was an exciting product to find in my box!

The tea is still un-opened 😦  But I love tea and am excited!

The teal nail polish is my ab fab!

Overall, I love BirchBox…This month!

Here’s the link for you to sign up:

L’Chaim=To Life

I wish it was wedding day EVERYDAY.

I have a few friends getting married and engaged and NO thanks to Pinterest, I have wedding fever.

For me wedding fever is a lot like, travel fever except that with travel fever all I need to do is book a trip (DENVER AND MPLS BOOKED TONIGHT.)  That should tide me over for a few weeks days 🙂 I can’t just plan another wedding or find another SHH–LIFE IS UNFAIR 😉

Planning our wedding was such an amazing time.  I bought 3 wedding dresses…Yes, I said 3.

Dress 1

I LOVED THIS DRESS.  LOOOOVED IT.  I ordered it on Jan 6th.  By the time it arrived on Feb 13th, I knew that EVERY OTHER BRIDE ON EVERY BLOG EVERYWHERE ALSO LOVED IT.  UGH.  Worst feeling ever.

Spent a snowy Saturday afternoon watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and perusing my FAV wedding blogs….BIG MISTAKE.  Watched my beautiful dress being worn by every other bride. Scheduled emergency bridal appt for later that afternoon….and purchased…

Dress number 2

Eh…I loved it for 24 hours.  Compared it to EVERYTHING.  While picking up dress number 1, after having purchased dress number 2, I found dress number 3.

Dress 3 conversation went something like this:

SHH:  Hello

M:  Hi baby….(long dramatic pause–and in a small voice) don’t be mad….ok?

SHH:  DID YOU GET ANOTHER SPEEDING TICKET?!?!?!?  (in his defense, that particular conversation was getting a bit repetitive–I have since been down graded to a 4 cylinder–In my defense, the term “speeding” is relative and those stupid radar guns aren’t 100% accurate.)

M:  What??!!?!?  NO!!!!  I’m not even driving!!!

SHH:  (AUDIBLE SIGH OF RELIEF)  Ok, then what?!

M:  I MIGHT have found a different wedding dress….

SHH:  Seriously, is that all?  Do you love it?  Just put it on my card.

M: *Insert Gleefully Shrills and CHA CHING of credit card machine.


Yes, I sure did crop my head out as it was the world’s worst hair day…EVER.

All in all I bought 3 dresses.  I sold 2 for more than I bought them for 🙂 and LOOOVED the 3rd:)  For a while, I thought I might get into the dress buying/selling business:)

Ahhhh…wedding planning:)

Dear Future Brides,

Enjoy it while it lasts because post-partum wedding planning depression is for real:)

In the meantime, enjoy my ALL TIME FAVORITE WEDDING VIDEO-EVER-IN HISTORY.  For lack of a bigger vocabulary: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!

xoxo,  M

P.S.  Truth, SHH and I have both watched this video at least (NO EXAGGERATION) 80 times.

Peaches Products!

I have been using my new Peaches products for about 30 days now.

I feel that 30 days is a fair amount of time to trial a product.  And in this case I am super happy with my results in such a short time:)

Everyday my skin care routine looks like this x2 morning and night:

Blueberry & Coffee Bean Exfoliating Cleanser….. $25

Product Description:  With a high powered antioxidant fruit blend and anti-aging peptides, this exfoliant is perfect for removing dead skin cells and feeding the skin prior to using your AHA/BHA cleanser.

This product is used first to exfoliate and loosen dead dry skin and prepare the skin to be cleansed. Can be used both morning and night.

Gentle enough for every day use

AHA/BHA Cleanser….. $26

Product Description:  With alpha and beta hydroxy acids as well as glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids, this cleanser provides a deep cleaning by removing dead skin cells and accelerating the skin renewal process.  Jojoba beads prevent occlusion of the pores.  Pure antioxidants completely penetrate the skin’s layers to feed it and to reverse the aging process.

This product is used as your primary cleanser and can be used both morning and night.

For all skin types

Papaya Creme Enzyme Polish….. $28

Product Description:  The unique enzyme papain in this formula exfoliates, and digests dead skin cells that can clog pores. We have also added essential oils, which have antiseptic qualities, to help eliminate bacteria. The cleansing ingredients – the same used in products for babies – are extremely mild, and safe for sensitive skin.

Ginseng Mineral Toner….. $22

Product Description:  This multi-functional hydrating toner includes natural proteins that help maintain elasticity, bio-extracts that hydrate, and minerals that enhance the skin’s natural repair process as well as Maintaining the skins natural PH.

This product is used after cleansing. Pat skin dry and spray toner directly on to skin or cotton ball. This toner puts your skin at a perfect PH level.

For all skin types

Monistat 7 Vaginal Antifungal Cream

Clears up pesky acne-SERIOUSLY, LIQUID GOLD.

Eye and Throat Bio Moist….. $21

Product Description: This anti-oxidant rich formula reduces the signs of aging in the eyes, throat, and lip area. This can also be used on the décolleté. For youthful and age defying results.

Apply to under eye area and throat both morning and night.

For all skin types

Luminous Peptide Serum….. $29

Product Description: Clinical test results with Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 showed a reduction in deep wrinkles by 44%, of main wrinkle density by 31%, and lifted the total appearance of the skin by 16.  Tests done with bells perennis (Daisy Flower) extract showed significant lightening of the skin, as well as a reduction of melanin formation.

At night:

Retinol Night Cre’me….. $29

Product Description: This unique encapsulated Retinol delivery system provides maximum release with reduced irritation typically associated with retinoids. Retinol diminishes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration, while it enhances skin tone and texture and reduces the appearance of discoloration, age spots and occasional blemishes. This is one of PEACHES favorite products! AMAZING!!!

Super Firming Crème….. $29

Product Description: Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of this high performance crème, showing visible skin improvement within four weeks – reduction of superficial facial lines by 36% and increasing skin firmness by 21%. This high-tech complex contains antioxidant ingredients that help firm and tighten skin and enhance and reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

Apply to clean skin both morning and night.

For all skin types

“Because after almost 23 years in the skin care industry and after taking care of hundreds if not thousands of clients I have seen first hand what the RIGHT skin care products can do. Over the years we have developed two other skincare lines with Peaches as our third and the one we feel is a stand-out product.

Organic, filled with anti aging antioxidants and pure penetrating food for the skin. YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE with your first wash.

I have never believed in oily or combination skin, I believe we all have normal skin but we damage it by using foundation, bad skin care products, smoking and not knowing how to care for it.” Lisa – Owner, Peaches Skin Care

I know, I know, its a lot of products.  I usually get the first 3 products into 1 or 2 steps in the am to save time.  But at night, I make sure to do each step (including the Clarisonic with my AHA cleanser.)

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

My skin is 100% different!  I feel like my skin is as smooth as it is ever going to be.  I was worried about all the exfoliation at first but I am quite certain its the exfoliation that has made the biggest changes!

Everyday I can tell I am washing away dead skin.  I love the way the products feel on my skin and I love that they are ALL all natural!  I love the tingling sensation when I apply the toner, I love knowing that the product is working.  I especially love the Monistat.  I haven’t had a single breakout in 30 days.  NOT ONE!

One of the biggest obstacles for me to overcome was definitely the price.  I am used to paying $100 for a serum…admittedly, the more I spent the better I assumed the product was. Each of these products is UNDER $30!

I asked about this, I was told by Peaches that beauty should be attainable for ALL WOMEN!  Not just women who can afford to spend that much.  SOLD.  I am telling you that place is amazing.

My favorite product right now is the: Luminous Peptide Serum!  I love it.  I love the way it feels after exfoliating.  Its amazingly smooth going on and feels so light!