Scrub a Dub Dub….

“Brown Sugar Body Polish
What it is:
An invigorating brown sugar body scrub.

What it does:
Fresh Sugarbath Brown Sugar Body Polish is a gentle moisturizing scrub treatment for the body. Pure brown sugar blended with the world’s finest oils results in an entirely natural and stimulating exfoliant.

What else you need to know:
The Fresh SugarBath Collection combines the fresh scent of lemon with the restorative, antibacterial properties of sugar to bring you one of the sweetest bath experiences around.”

Image and info from Sephora

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

I’ve used this scrub for a few years.  I tested quite a few other scrubs and wasn’t super impressed with the exfoliation.  This product has really big sugar particles that don’t break down immediately in water.  I like that my skin feels (almost raw:)) after.  Lets face it ladies, there are parts of our bodies that we need to scrub raw…I mean soft.  For me its the backs of my arms and the backs of my legs.

I like that this product is balanced with so much moisture.  The oils in the scrub are very lux feeling and smell super lemony fresh.  I like that the smell lingers well into the day.  It might be a little too sweet for some, but I really dig it.

All you single ladies, this is your product.  This was my Pre-Date routine with my now hubby.  Clearly it worked out.  He was always going on about how I smell so good:)

Things to consider:  I don’t love that the oil is hard to wash off.  I assume that’s the point, that there is supposed to be a light residue.  I like that I don’t have to lather on my moisturizer after (because sometimes I am LAZY) but sometimes I think it makes me itchy. It is also a little pricey and easy to waste…for me it lasts long enough and does its job so its worth it. Also, it makes your tub or shower floor REALLY REALLY REALLY SLIPPERY.  REALLY SLIPPERY…I wouldn’t advise giving this as a gift to the elderly-my hubs complains about it almost every time.

This is also great for PRE-Sunless tanner application and Pre-Bikini wax.