Friday Finds and other Nonsense

1.  Can’t stop laughing about this:

2. SHH and I are moving into a new house at the end of the month:)  I am obsessed with all things home right now:

3.  Who’s got NO thumbs and often cools off in the bathtub?  This GUY!

4.  Its chilly on the Central Coast these last few days….SO, I made roasted tomato soup from my friends blog:  Bogart Loves

Confession:  Since I don’t eat carbs that aren’t veggies, I added bacon AND butter 🙂 to compensate for not having a grilled cheese:) YUMMO!  Also, I used fire roasted stewed tomatoes from the can, lol.  So semi-homemade:)

5.  You all know I am going to name my first born Katniss but this was too much 🙂

6.  This photo needs no caption…7.  I couldn’t even help it.  You will feel bad for laughing at this…I did.


9.  Really, that’s just irresponsible.

10.  I’m feeling so pink today!

Friday Finds and Other Non-Sense

1.  If you ladies haven’t heard of Rent the Runway…Consider this a PSA just for you:

Rent The Runway  Consider it the netflix of fashion!


What Is Rent the Runway?
At Rent the Runway, we believe that everybody deserves a Cinderella experience. Today, we provide millions of members the ability to rent designer dresses, accessories and other essentials for approximately 10% of retail prices, around all the special occasions in their life. We work with over 160 of the best designer brands to bring luxury to all those who appreciate it. Launched in November 2009, Rent the Runway has grown to be the leader in the global fashion rental space and is known as a “Netflix for Fashion”.
You are welcome!
2.  Our wedding photographer got a feature on MY FAVORITE BLOG EVER, check it out SHE IS AMAZING: Style Me Pretty ft. What Shanni Saw
3.  Happy Easter everyone!  SHH and I are going to a farm brunch in Malibu tomorrow:  Feaster at Malibu Farms
I am hoping to get up close and personal with these two lovers:
Images from: malibu farms website
4.  SHH and I saw Hunger Games this weekend.  I will obviously be naming our first born Katniss

Image from FanPop

5.  Food Porn:

Image from TRUSKAWKI

6. As per us…ual….My travel bug is outta control:


7.  This is how it should be every time I arrive or depart….from anywhere:)

8.  This reminds me of a bestie I once had:

9.  Another PSA:

10.  Nothing makes me laugh more…NOTHING

Friday Finds and other non-sense

That's one way to get some action....

It's so sad they had to set this expectation 😦

This will explain why I HATE cats:

Kitty Cat: 1
Pit Bull: 0

When I was about 6, I was attacked by a cat.  It attached its front paws right under my ears, its mouth latched on around my left eye…and its bottom feet under my chin.

You know how cats will grab something and kick it with both bottom feet?

This cat did this to my neck and chin.  I ran to my mom with cat still attached, bleeding from my face and chin.  32 stitches under my eye and a skin graft to my neck (from my butt–my brother will for ever call me butthead) and I had a new face and a tiny scar under my brow.  Good thing your skin is resilient when you are young.

32 stitches and skin graft: $6k

Ride to hospital: $2k

Butthead Cat Hater for life: PRICELESS

Look’s like she got her nails did for Christmas:

That’s Hot

Longest “fashion trend” EVER


Viagra, your creative department should get a raise.

Food Porn


Me and Willie Nelson. Notice how clear my skin is. Monistat FOREVER!

Friday Finds and other nonsense.

1.  You know those guys you see sometimes (usually on public transit) with a tear tattoo’d on their cheek?  Turns out you can acheive this look at home with just a little sunless tanner and a laugh attack before bed.  Today I woke up with a tanned face and my very own tear stain right on my cheek–I’m so HOOD.

**I just checked urban dictionary for the meaning of said tattoo on thug face–I am terrified**

2.  On the topic of public transit.  Here is a tale of “The Hollywood Crow” as interpreted by me…FORGIVE ME FOR THIS M.

A few years ago, I lived in the ATL.  I have mixed feelings about my time here, but some really redic memories of this time that are PRICELESS.

One hot day in the MARTA station, my best friend and I were waiting on the platform all dressed up for a night on the town when suddenly….OUT OF NOWHERE a bird swoops in and ATTACKS/LANDS on my besties shoulder.  We obviously panicked.  While we are both animal lovers, I FREAKIN HATE BIRDS (I think its creepy how they move their necks and their eyes are weird too…I also don’t like all the flapping around–DRAMA QUEENS.)  She was under attack–on more than one occasion I tried to Ninja chop the bird, but I couldn’t seem to get the right angle.  This whole attack lasted at least 10 mins…or like a min.  All the while she was trying to escape it was flapping and pecking.  During the last half of the attack my BFF responsibilities took over and I stopped trying to Ninja chop the bird and started to dig thru my purse searching for the one thing I knew could fix this.  When the attack was over my bestie was SO MAD AT ME for not helping more and for laughing.  I thought I was being the best WING MAN-pun intended-EVER.  While she managed to get the bird away, I had found my hand sanitizer and was ready to commence emergency sterilization procedures.  Moral of the story?  DON’T EVER LAUGH AT SOMEONE BEING ATTACKED BY A CROW.  EVER–even months later–it will always be “too soon.”

3.  Since we are talking about Ninjas:


3.  Other Tragic Images:

4.  This is who I used to be:

5.  This is who I am now:

6.  Yesterday I wrote about the importance of a CONFIDENT smile.  Today I was inspired by my own blog and bleached my pearly whites:

In My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

DO IT.  I love these.  I get more compliments on my teeth than any other part of my body.

Whitening will make your teeth sensitive.  No one said pretty was easy.

7.  My new FAVORITE BLOG–This girl would be my best friend.  I think her accent is SEXY!!

Tanya Burr

This is where I originally fell in love with her-AND I ran out and purchased the Nars Catus Flower–Stand by for details

8.  I am always talking about not having kids.  I like kids.  I really do.  I understand the fulfillment in raising children.  I get that.  I’m just not sure its for us.  We thoroughly enjoy being DINK (Double Income No Kids) right now:)  THAT SAID, these two make my clock tick:

9.  My BirchBox has been shipped!  GET YOURSELF ON THE LIST:  BIRCHBOX

10.  Last day of the Shellac Experiment:

In My Professional Product Whore Experience:

Its been 12 days-Aside from obvious grow out, I LOVE THESE

Not a single chip!  Going back tomorrow for new BIRTHDAY WEEK/VACATION COLORS.  I plan to do my toes with Shellac too!!  I love it.  LOVE IT.


FRIDAY FINDS and Stuff I want…in this case NEED. LIKE I NEED AIR.

1.  Laura Mercier Portfolio Animation

There is a STAGE 5 creeper-organizing-DIVA inside me that LOVES all Sparkly things and needs this like I NEED air.  I am convinced it will add value to my life 😉  Since I am always on the run and like to travel, I would love to have all of my beauty needs in ONE place, I would like this place to be attractive and I would like it to fit nicely in my purse:)  This fits these criteria perfectly!

I like to think of myself as a woman of action.  Not only did I already try to pre order this…I also called my BEAUTY Consultant Vicky at Macy’s to get the inside scoop on the situation.  A lil’ detective work never hurt anyone.  Turns out, its not available until March or April and NO ONE knows who will be carrying it.  This is just plain IRRESPONSIBLE and poor planning.  Laura, heed my warning…I’ll come find you.

2.  My travel bug is OUT OF CONTROL…I actually considered naming said travel bug something like “SASHA FIERCE 2.0”  OUT OF CONTROL.  I can barely think straight.  I thought living in one of the most beautiful zip codes in the US would keep “Sasha Fierce 2.0” at bay.  I was wrong.  The 13 days that separate me from this vacation are TORTUOUS. This coupled with killing time by reading Travel Blogs was a TERRIBLE idea.  I blame you;)

Image taken by Jennifer Figge

3.  I won’t lie, I am kind of excited to not be talking about Nails, or Nail Polish or Nail Art!

4.  With birthday month in full swing, I might have accidentally bought myself a few lil presents:)

Exhibit A:

Stella Dot

Exhibit B:

Pls pass the Buddha

5. I am in LOVE with Ellen.  Seriously.  Here are my 2 ABSOLUTELY FAV Videos (click the picture to continue to viewing)  I have watched both of these videos at least 10 times.  If this doesn’t make you laugh, you are barely human.

Image from Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Image from

6.  IT FINALLY HAPPENED!  I got my BirchBox invite!  Skittles (green skittles) popping out of my ears excited!!!!!  I honest to goodness CAN NOT WAIT to get it.  If you don’t know about it, check it out.  Like Christmas EVERY SINGLE MONTH!  Click here to sign up for your own: BIRCHBOX



I haven’t had sugar or a lot of carbs since October–Food Porn used to be this:


Now it is this…

Paleo Pad Thai

8.  If we had a kid:



9.  I LOVE sweet LOVE

Get it Granny!

I wish I knew who to credit this to…Whoever you are, I like you.

10.  A lil piece of my life:

Willie Nelson-The 2nd love of my life....

11.  This is just extra credit: