Friday Finds and Other Nonsense

1.  This should be abundantly obvious to everyone by now:

2.  While my Willie Nelson has never done something like this, I feel like this is something he would say:

3.  Speaking of fur babies:


4.  This is sad and very funny in the same breath.


5.  My current nail art:

I was sad about my thumb nail fail 😦

6.  I must be missing my dog today….too bad he has black fur–cause I would do this…everyday

7.  Seriously, if you are considering it, do it.  You could save someone’s life.  I have been on the registry since 1999.

8.  I love the idea, I hate it in execution

9.  GLOSSYBOX IS FINALLY IN THE US!  I loved my first one!  It’s like BirchBox on Crack!


I hope you all get a little giggle out of this today 🙂


8 thoughts on “Friday Finds and Other Nonsense

  1. I just signed up for Glossybox!! I’m so excited. I was contemplating signing up for Birchbox and didn’t because of mixed reviews. I’ve been waiting for Glossybox to be offered in the US so thank you for telling us it’s now available! 🙂 Can’t wait for my box “on crack.”

  2. SO REAL, the dog who tore down the blinds and made a mess, certain the master was never coming back again! I KNOW this dog…I’ve KNOWN many dogs like this one.
    Thanks for the fun.

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