Ciate Caviar Paint Pots

I have been on pins and needles waiting for these to come out…you all know how I feel about things with Caviar in the title….

Image from

What it is:
A two-step revolutionary nail art kit that inspires head-turning results.

What it does:
Created in London, this one-of-a-kind nail art innovation brings avant-garde catwalk nail styling to your fingertips. Featuring pearlescent beads for a 3-D effect, this kit includes everything you need to express yourself with your hands and become an instant nail connoisseur.

This cutting-edge manicure lasts at least 48 hours. To ensure your new manicure last even longer: seal the free edge of your nails with a top coat to ensure durability, make sure you allow the pearls to set for at least 15 minutes, and work on one nail at the time while nails are still wet.

I finally found them (in limited supply) at Sephora last night.

We (my cute lil aesthetician, turned neighbor, turned friend) had a little nail polish picnic last night.  Complete with champagne thru a straw and 12 colors of pink:)

Its easier than you might think it would be, but still more complicated than a standard manicure, it was helpful to have a partner for this application.

In this last picture you can see that my first nail, my thumb, didn’t hold up too well.  I made the mistake of not actually reading the instructions.  After the second coat you are suppose to apply the pearls and press them into the nail.  I skipped the pressing part and this is a direct reflection of the finished product.



Its like unicorn glitter on my nails.  I love it.  I wish they had more staying power, 48 hours isn’t enough time to enjoy these fully!

Speaking of Unicorn Glitter…My SHH got me an early 1st anniversary gift…









18 thoughts on “Ciate Caviar Paint Pots

  1. They remind me of cupcake sprinkles. I like them! Let us know how hard they are to remove. I recently did some pink glitter polish (with really big flakes of glitter)…it was so cute but it was TERRIBLE to take off!

  2. Love these shoes! Hey the nails you can do with micro beads from the craft store, I think Dulce Candy did it last thanksgiving, might be cheaper when you run out of your kit.

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