I always feel like I am just behind all the”cool” trends, for instance, I am just now catching on to the 80’s neon craze 🙂  Fortunately for me its seems to be back!  Neon pink is my fav…clearly.

In other news, something happened today that has never happened to me in all my years….I hit pan on my Laguna bronzer!  This is beauty blogger lingo for, I am almost out and am at the bottom (pan) of my compact 🙂

I switch product so much and so often that I NEVER ever get to the bottom of ANY PRODUCT–the closest I have ever come has been lip gloss.  This is a true testiment of my undying love for this product.  The picture above is a Nars Duo with Orgasm and Laguna.  It’s so great for summer…and winter…and fall…Lets face it, I live in Cali, we only have one season and its called…AWESOME.  I totes recommend this Duo!  DO IT, GET THE DUO!


8 thoughts on “Neons.

  1. Pretty nail color! Have you ever tried gel nail polish? You may have already written about it but I missed it. Saw a commercial for it and it really interested me. Says its supposed to chip less but of course, they all say that.

  2. Neon is so ghetto-fabulous and I’m clearly as excited as you that it’s back. If the young’uns hadn’t brought it back, I think you and I would’ve brought it back ourselves.

    Oh, and my dwindling bank account thanks you for that irresistible endorsement for Nars Laguna/Orgasm duo.

  3. I just got sent the new nail colours from Miners in the UK – they’re bright but moving to more of an opaque pastel than a neon – there’s a yellow that looks like it should be eaten not worn, a sherbety orange which is already on my toes and a really nice tealy blue (I would send a picture but not sure how!). I’m desperate to wear them all together – sadly, it might not be hugely age appropriate. I might just do it this weekend for blog purposes only!

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