Absolutely Redic.

HERE’S THE BACK STORY-Nikki is undoubtedly my FB BFF.  That said, we have never met in person.  We became friends strictly thru FB interactions-in real life we hung out in the same circles but never at the same time, I am almost certain we would not have like each other given the opportunity while living in the same city.  Our relationship has since blossomed into a legit potentially awesome friendship.  I am visiting Denver in a few weeks and it will be our “first date.”  We are both nervous.  This is a conversation from our FB page.

  • Malia T-Minus 18 days till our first official date. My palms are sweaty thinking about it.
  • Nikki What happens when we see each other? Do we awkward hug, kiss, stand 10 ft away until the comfort sets in??
  • Malia I’ve considered all this already. I imagined there would be an awkward moment, then just general squealing…In the event that you suck, I have a plan B…it involves a midget mariachi band and a WWF reference.
  • Nikki LMAO. I plan on showing up intoxicated and belligerent out of pure anxiety. Then I will psycho dial you and beg you for another chance.
  • Malia AWWWW….You know how much I love intoxicated and belligerent…this coupled with anxiety and judgement is sure to be a first date for the record books.
  • ATTENTION FACEBOOK FRIENDS: NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR NEW FB BFF. QUALIFICATIONS: must be hot, funny (but not more funny than me), must have some kind of drama to discuss (I am boring) and last but not least (drum roll pls) MUST LOVE DOGS
  • Nikki Did you just say I was less funny than you?
  • Malia LMAO…all that and all you got was your less funny?!
  • Malia You are equally as funny, hence our dynamic dialogs….
  • Nikki DUH…selective reading. Talking in rhymes! SON!
  • And um, all applications will be denied because I claim this position for LIFE.


12 thoughts on “Absolutely Redic.

  1. This cracked me up!!! Your friendship sounds a lot like me and my friend who live 200 miles apart, we consistently call our meet ups “dates” and so on. XD You guys are hilarious!

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