Friday Finds and other Nonsense

1.  Can’t stop laughing about this:

2. SHH and I are moving into a new house at the end of the month:)  I am obsessed with all things home right now:

3.  Who’s got NO thumbs and often cools off in the bathtub?  This GUY!

4.  Its chilly on the Central Coast these last few days….SO, I made roasted tomato soup from my friends blog:  Bogart Loves

Confession:  Since I don’t eat carbs that aren’t veggies, I added bacon AND butter 🙂 to compensate for not having a grilled cheese:) YUMMO!  Also, I used fire roasted stewed tomatoes from the can, lol.  So semi-homemade:)

5.  You all know I am going to name my first born Katniss but this was too much 🙂

6.  This photo needs no caption…7.  I couldn’t even help it.  You will feel bad for laughing at this…I did.


9.  Really, that’s just irresponsible.

10.  I’m feeling so pink today!


22 thoughts on “Friday Finds and other Nonsense

  1. I love that text from the Dog, did you see the one where the Dog’s talking about the packet of crisps he can hear from the bedroom, rofl!!!

    Did you hear about the aethiest who was dyslexic, he used to lie awake at night and wonder if there was a dog… 🙂

  2. I don’t keep bread in the house very often… but no carbs that aren’t veggies, really?!

    I just moved into a new house in November and let’s just say that my Pinterest browsing still hasn’t decreased from all the lovely photos and ideas.

    • Yup, no carbs that aren’t veggies. The problem is that its been so long now, and when I cheat, its….painful. So it’s harder to justify the longer I go without. It’s not for everyone, but I like it.
      That said, last night I had banana chocolate bread pudding—needless to say in the moment it was awesome, but today I feel miserable….imagine a champagne hangover.

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