After Pics….OMBRE MEEP!

So, the research paid off.  I loved the salon I went to!  LOVED IT! I will be a long time client of Salon Lucia!  The whole experience was a treat.  AND it was at least $100 less than I thought it was going to be…this is a treat in its self!

While I am undecided about the actual color at this point, I loved my stylist.  She was the perfect fit for me.  I am relieved to have found someone…FINALLY.

After the color was finished, we discussed my options in the event that I decide that I don’t LOVE IT (I LOVE THAT PAM (MY STYLIST) WANTED ME TO ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE IT).  So she recommends that I live in it a few days and in the event that I’m still not 100% we can make some changes.

Since I have ALWAYS had really dark hair, this has taken some getting used to.  Even looking at myself in the mirror was a little shocking this morning….IT’S SO LIGHT!  I worry that it washes me out a little.

DRUMROLL PLS…………………………………

I feel like it looks a little orange.  But then in some pics a really like it.  Time will tell. I love that she gave me the option to get used to it.


Dear Pam, I luh you.  Malia



31 thoughts on “After Pics….OMBRE MEEP!

  1. Are you crazy? 😛 Your hair looks great. I have jet black hair and did the ombre highlights last year – first time in my life I had anything other than black hair so it took some time to adjust. But now I love it! 🙂

    And if you feel like it’s a bit brassy go back to your stylist and discuss adding toner…

  2. I LOOOOOOVE your hair!!!! When I arrive I am going to have to doa search for someone who can do great Black Girl Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Let me know if you have any recommendations!!

  3. hey! I can see what you mean, visually between the two pictures and totally can relate! I have dark, near black hair and highlight it to a golden/brown/blonde = “bronde” and I’m very picky about how much warmth of “orange” I will tolerate! Our darker hair tends to go orange, but it’s nothing a 2-3 minute toner can’t fix. I might bring a photo of Lauren Conrad to your stylist and ask her to tone your ombre to Lauren’s “tone” and explain that you just want to take the edge off the orange cast. She should know exactly what you mean. I suggest bringing a picture because tonally, though Lauren is blonde, her tone is just the right shade for you skin tone, vs say, Reese Witherspoon’s blonde, which is more buttery and a totally different “tone”. Hope that helps! Can you tell I’m into hair?! haha, I might re-post this Q+A on my blog actually, since it’s a good lesson to share! xoxo Wendy

  4. LOVE IT!!! I used 2 not be a huge fan, but she ROCKED IT!!! DO NOT change the color or anything! The fade out is going 2 be gorgeous & this is PERFECT 4 those of is who have such unforgiving dark roots!

    • I was so late to this fad, it took me so long to fall for it. But thanks to Pinterest I finally made the move:) I love it. I had it re-toned yesterday and am IN LOVE with the new lest brassy color!

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