I need a hair cut like the deserts need the rain…

My ends are a disaster.  Its amazing to my how aggressive split ends are.  One day, there might be a few, the next day I look like a mess.  Raggedy!

Here are some hair Pinspirations!


I’m seriously considering the OMBRE look–EVEN THOUGH, I kind of think it looks like dirty hair with highlights grown out…I kinda dig it.  I just made an appointment for tomorrow evening….FINGERS CROSSED.

Moving to a new area can be so hard.  Finding a stylist is even harder.  We have been in our new town for almost 10 months and while I have found someone I really like, our schedules are the exact opposite!  I adore her, but I can’t ever get on the books without taking time off work.

So, I did tons of research and I think I found someone who will be a good fit.  I will keep you posted.

Here is the best picture I could find of my current color:

Ben Franklin is a perv….look at the way he’s checking me out!

My hair looks super red in this picture, I swear it the water in this city.

Here is a little peak into our weekend:

We went to an Easter farm dinner event.  I LOVE THESE GOATS.  LOVE THEM.

SHH with Arnold the pet pig.

Here’s SHH eating a corn dog…in front of Arnold.  WHAT A JERK.



6 thoughts on “I need a hair cut like the deserts need the rain…

  1. I think big curly hair will look great on you. Curious how it will turn out to be. I have the same problem…. and now that I’m looking at you… I have the same style and color of hair.

  2. Go for the ombre highlights! They’ll look great on you. I was very hesitant too but I’m so glad I did it. Now I don’t want to ever go back to my natural black hair color… sigh.
    x the wasp

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