OMG SHE IS SO COOL…a caption contest

I considered doing this post as a caption contest…I often wonder what these lovely ladies are thinking about during these shoots…

I think Christina Aguilara is thinking:  “EAT YOUR HEART OUT ADAM LEVINE!”

I love how different and beautiful each of these images are.  Each of them demands the camera’s attention in their own way.

In other news, I am hoping that you guys can help me find a new mascara.  Here’s the issue:

So, since my first facial I have worn make up 4 times.  I’m getting used to not having anything on, but I feel like I need mascara…I’m adding it back in, but I need to find the ultimate formula/brush combo.  TELL ME WHAT YOU LOVE!!!

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

I love the fullness I get from this mascara.  I like the brush enough, even though I am used to a fuller bristled brush.  This lifts and separates nicely.  Not at all clumpy.

UNFORTUNATELY, I don’t love how hard it is to get off.  I hate rubbing my eyes, and more importantly, I HATE HATE HATE that it takes multiple tries to get all the residue off.  HATE IT.

TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE WEARING!  Is mascara important to you??  Do you love it?  Why?!







43 thoughts on “OMG SHE IS SO COOL…a caption contest

  1. I cannot live with mascara. It is the one item of makeup I would never give up. I’m using my usual, but I have to say, I’m not too happy with it. My favorite has been through Mary Kay actually but it’s so annoying to pay shipping,etc. I’m looking forward to seeing what you discover!

  2. LOVE mascara! It really is one product that can change your whole look in one swipe.
    My favorites ares CoverGirl LashBlast FUSION (the purple one – it really is different than the original) and Avon SuperShock/SuperShock Max. Always in the Blackest Black they sell.
    And since I rarely ever go a day without mascara, they are great choices for the quality and price. They both have large barrel type rubber/plastic brushes and the formulas stay put but come off with water nicely.
    I always go for Non-Waterproof mascaras – they will be the death of your lashes, no matter how awesome your make-up remover is.

    Best of luck finding your perfect mascara!

  3. I love Tarte’s Amazonian Clay mascara, good formula, not clumpy or wet, brush is nice. Great for a natural look. I’ve also heard Mally’s Volumizing Mascara is amaze but never used it myself.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s all natural and it comes off super easy. I just use my normal cleanser and don’t even have to scrub. The consistency is almost dry which I love bc I HATE it when mascara has all that excess product on the wand when you pull it out.

  4. I get tired of putting mascara on everyday, so I invested in individual lashes! I love them! They give me the fullness and length I need!!!!! Invested is the word!!!

  5. Lovely pictures! Can’t say anything about the mascara issue though, because still searching for that perfect one. Incredible how hard it can be to make a beauty product work perfectly – mascaras are like that – none seems just right. If it stays on, it’s downright impossible to remove. Or if it comes off easily, it will do so on inappropriate occasions too… Do let us know if strike gold :-).

  6. Girlie, this is the perfect question! I can’t leave the house without my mascara:)
    I use Christian Dior’s DiorShow on my plush days and Maybelline – Volum’ Express The Falsies on my M-F (lol). Both make my eyes pop! Also, since L’Oreal owns Lancome (the products are almost exactly alike – but, with great price difference), I love all of those mascaras. That company does well with mascaras and liners!

  7. Aha! Good to read that, thanks – have been hearing how fabulous the Dior one is, but am very unlikely to spend long enough taking it off properly.

    Max Factor Masterpiece Max is brilliant stuff. Very little clumping, nice and black and it seems to do volume and definition and lengthening, so you don’t have to choose. I’ve got some Benefit Bad Gal, and They’re Real, which are great, but the Max Factor is still my favourite because it’s relatively ‘normal’ to use – no whopping brush or double-ended effort going on – but still has pretty much the same effect.

  8. The woman in the first picture is thinking, “Where is Michael? I can’t stand another minute without him!”

  9. Mascara is my number one makeup product (next to blush those are the only two things that I NEED) I know that I post a lot about the one product line but I really do love the Jane Iredale mascara for the exact reason that you would – it comes off really easy when washing your face. The only thing that you may not like is that it goes on really smooth and thin so your lashes are dark and natural looking – it doesn’t clump up like most mascaras which is nice but it doesn’t make your lashes look as thick and long. I would suggest going somewhere that sells the stuff and asking them to do a quick application of it so you can see how you like it. I really enjoy the stuff! They even have a lengthening formula that helps to nourish your lashes so that they grow instead of breaking them down with the harsh chemicals most mascaras have!

    I really hope you find something you like and I’ll be looking for what you get because I always love trying out mascaras ;]

  10. I’m with you on the mascara. I use Maybyllines “Hyper curl Volum Express”, Easy wash.
    It has a big slightly curved brush and comes off easily, just as promised. 🙂

  11. This may sound totally crazy but I LOVE Mary Kay’s Lash Lengthening Mascara. I have tried switching a handful of times and keep going back to this one. It makes my lashes look long and think and comes off easy in the shower at the end of the day. They also have an amazing eye primer that I can’t live without!

  12. I so enjoy reading your blog.
    There is always so much to see and it is so interesting from this hairdressers, makeup artists point of view.

    I use Nurti Metics mascara all natural and removes easilly

  13. I am sure you won’t be surprised to hear I only use MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash. It is not hard to get off and I LOVE the way it makes my lashes long and dramatic.

  14. Beautiful pictures!

    I love Majolica Majorca Lash King (a sister company of Shiseido) because it has fibers that provides length and volume to the lashes. It’s waterproof and doesn’t smudge, too.

  15. so, my sister Sarah, also nicknamed Sarah Mascara, has used the maybelline great lash for decades, the pink tube with the green top! I don’t know the experience re: sensitivity or removal, but the nickname is favorable for good results!

  16. I love to wear mascara. My go to mascara is my maybelline lash stiletto. I love maybelline mascara’s. I also love the revlon mascara’s with the comb. My only gripe about those os the mascara is hard to get off. it says on for like 3-4 days

  17. Have you tried the australian Mirinesse? First time i bought it was in stockholm and i ordered two other ones from their page. I totally love the way it washes off, like the capsules which go off when the lashes are wet, but it stays perfectly the whole day, no smudging, no panda eyes, even i slept with it. The only thing i didn´t like – doesn´t give me enough volume, now i´m waiting for the new volume one, hoping it will be good, if so – best mascara ever!

  18. I use and love bareMinerals Flawless Definition mascara, it’s almost “brushless” and what I love most about it is that it doesn’t clump…I hate clumps!!

    I used Neutragena cleanser/makeup remover and it totally does the trick.

    I have used so many different brands of products over the years, pricey ones, cheap ones, the whole gamut.

    bareMinerals is my fave, only closely followed by Mary Kay products, because it is gentle on the skin, which matters more and more as I grow up 🙂

    Good luck on your search, I hope this helps 🙂

    xoxo MotherDana

    • I am on the BareMinerals website now. I am seriously considering one of their mascara’s-I also am considering a bronzer and a powder (its a toss up between BM and ColorScience–stand by for more details:))

      I originally started with the MaryKay eye makeup remover and have found that I am over the honeymoon period with it. I am fairly disappointed with it now.

      THANK YOU!!

  19. I’ve always had a hard time finding the perfect mascara as well 😦 The one I am currently using is Lancome’s Hypnose mascara and so far it’s been working extremely well! I really like it. It’s not drying at all and it’s really easy to remove. Definitely better than the MAC ones. I actually wanted to buy a Dior mascara but this post just made me hesitant! I don’t think I will try it now 😛 What I hated most about all of the other mascaras I tried before the Hypnose one is the fact that they were so hard to take off!

    The images you posted above are absolutely beautiful as well. I really enjoyed looking through them 🙂

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