Better Birchbox!

Woo Hoo my March BirchBox finally arrived.


I am super excited about my BB!

For starters, I have been back and forth about SuperGoop and was SO excited to see a sample here!  It’s been rainy here the last few days, so I haven’t had the chance to test it but I am excited.  We are going SUP this weekend, so it will be the perfect chance to try them!

One Love Organics:  Skin Savior

In My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

LOVE IT.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Its like the duct tape of my product arsenal.  It works so well as lip balm, moisturizer, and even a cleanser!  This will be a product I keep with me always.  It smells dreamy!

I also received a Lavender dry shampoo.   I am super excited to use this product!  I have heard loads of good things about it and I have been looking for a good dry shampoo so this was an exciting product to find in my box!

The tea is still un-opened 😦  But I love tea and am excited!

The teal nail polish is my ab fab!

Overall, I love BirchBox…This month!

Here’s the link for you to sign up:


20 thoughts on “Better Birchbox!

  1. I’ve been considering signing up for the Birch Boxes! Thank you for telling what you got this month! It looks like Christmas every month!!

  2. I’ve been considering BirchBox and now that I’ve seen some of the products, I’m definitely joining! I *love* the teal nailpolish. So pretty and perfect for spring and summer.

  3. I was wondering if you recommend the Peter Roth moisturizer more than the Kiehls as a daily moisturizer? I am on the hunt for a new daytime moisturizer and value your product opinion!!!
    AND I must have missed your Murad Renewal post? Which one is it, and what’s your take on this product???

  4. Malia, I got a neon purple nail polish from CC in my March Birchbox, and – NO LIE – it may be my all-time favorite nail polish ever! I didn’t get the One Love Organics (bummer!), but I did get some killer Ahava hand lotion (LOVE IT) and some good smelling hair elixir that I’ve yet to try. I’m too afraid it will make my hair look greasy, so for now, I just smell it. 🙂 Good job this month, Birchbox!

  5. What a cool idea. I’ve never heard of Birchbox before. Seems like a neat concept to be able to try great beauty products without having to get them full size. Or if you’re like me and never seem to get through my full-size containers. Will check them out for sure!

  6. The teal nail polish looks great! Up until reading your post I have been tempted but now I’m definitely going to get this colour nail polish. Lavender dry shampoo sounds amazing. I’ve currently got one that smells like talc :S Thanks for sharing!

  7. ooooh I love that nail polish, mines for the month of March was more of a minty green but still very pretty. : )

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