Friday Finds and other non-sense

That's one way to get some action....

It's so sad they had to set this expectation 😦

This will explain why I HATE cats:

Kitty Cat: 1
Pit Bull: 0

When I was about 6, I was attacked by a cat.  It attached its front paws right under my ears, its mouth latched on around my left eye…and its bottom feet under my chin.

You know how cats will grab something and kick it with both bottom feet?

This cat did this to my neck and chin.  I ran to my mom with cat still attached, bleeding from my face and chin.  32 stitches under my eye and a skin graft to my neck (from my butt–my brother will for ever call me butthead) and I had a new face and a tiny scar under my brow.  Good thing your skin is resilient when you are young.

32 stitches and skin graft: $6k

Ride to hospital: $2k

Butthead Cat Hater for life: PRICELESS

Look’s like she got her nails did for Christmas:

That’s Hot

Longest “fashion trend” EVER


Viagra, your creative department should get a raise.

Food Porn


Me and Willie Nelson. Notice how clear my skin is. Monistat FOREVER!


26 thoughts on “Friday Finds and other non-sense

  1. You know how dogs will attack and shake their heads? A dog did that to my face! (no lie, lol. I think I win.) I did get in between a cat and dog one time to save the cat but the little f*cker apparently didn’t need help, cuz I got a nice staph infection out of that.

    Guy with anime chick on his boobies is hilarious, BTW.

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