L’Chaim=To Life

I wish it was wedding day EVERYDAY.

I have a few friends getting married and engaged and NO thanks to Pinterest, I have wedding fever.

For me wedding fever is a lot like, travel fever except that with travel fever all I need to do is book a trip (DENVER AND MPLS BOOKED TONIGHT.)  That should tide me over for a few weeks days 🙂 I can’t just plan another wedding or find another SHH–LIFE IS UNFAIR 😉

Planning our wedding was such an amazing time.  I bought 3 wedding dresses…Yes, I said 3.

Dress 1

I LOVED THIS DRESS.  LOOOOVED IT.  I ordered it on Jan 6th.  By the time it arrived on Feb 13th, I knew that EVERY OTHER BRIDE ON EVERY BLOG EVERYWHERE ALSO LOVED IT.  UGH.  Worst feeling ever.

Spent a snowy Saturday afternoon watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and perusing my FAV wedding blogs….BIG MISTAKE.  Watched my beautiful dress being worn by every other bride. Scheduled emergency bridal appt for later that afternoon….and purchased…

Dress number 2

Eh…I loved it for 24 hours.  Compared it to EVERYTHING.  While picking up dress number 1, after having purchased dress number 2, I found dress number 3.

Dress 3 conversation went something like this:

SHH:  Hello

M:  Hi baby….(long dramatic pause–and in a small voice) don’t be mad….ok?

SHH:  DID YOU GET ANOTHER SPEEDING TICKET?!?!?!?  (in his defense, that particular conversation was getting a bit repetitive–I have since been down graded to a 4 cylinder–In my defense, the term “speeding” is relative and those stupid radar guns aren’t 100% accurate.)

M:  What??!!?!?  NO!!!!  I’m not even driving!!!

SHH:  (AUDIBLE SIGH OF RELIEF)  Ok, then what?!

M:  I MIGHT have found a different wedding dress….

SHH:  Seriously, is that all?  Do you love it?  Just put it on my card.

M: *Insert Gleefully Shrills and CHA CHING of credit card machine.


Yes, I sure did crop my head out as it was the world’s worst hair day…EVER.

All in all I bought 3 dresses.  I sold 2 for more than I bought them for 🙂 and LOOOVED the 3rd:)  For a while, I thought I might get into the dress buying/selling business:)

Ahhhh…wedding planning:)

Dear Future Brides,

Enjoy it while it lasts because post-partum wedding planning depression is for real:)

In the meantime, enjoy my ALL TIME FAVORITE WEDDING VIDEO-EVER-IN HISTORY.  For lack of a bigger vocabulary: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!

xoxo,  M

P.S.  Truth, SHH and I have both watched this video at least (NO EXAGGERATION) 80 times.


20 thoughts on “L’Chaim=To Life

    • I was just looking at your wedding blog post the other day. I LOVED YOUR WEDDING! I LOVED THE PICS! But I am not at all surprised that you didn’t love it 😉

  1. Once in a very great while, someone will make me sorry that I eloped. Today, that someone was you. However, soon enough someone will start moaning about her wedding planning nightmares & how every single thing is going wrong & it’s a disaster – and I’ll go back to being glad I eloped. 🙂

    • lol! Oh Heather, we seriously considered it. At about day 59 my hubs had me call all our vendors and site to look into refunds. I mean it, we SERIOUSLY considered it. That said, we only had 23 people at our wedding. There is a part of me that envies you 🙂

      • Well, 23 people isn’t so bad. Three dresses, on the other hand… Hahahaha! 🙂 But all told, 18 years, three kids, and a dive into pet rescue later, I honestly can’t be sorry for the way we got married – it was just the first step in a long relationship of doing things our own way.

  2. Love the dresses! I got married almost a week ago and wish I could have another wedding (to my husband, of course) just so I could experience it all over again! Pinterest definitely doesn’t help 🙂

  3. Malia, thanks so much for deciding to follow my own blog! I love your way of NEVER taking yourself too seriously–and the way you share your indulgences, many of which I shared at your age! Wow, do I ever remember the wedding gown shopping! Great that you were able to make a profit on those first two gowns! My daughter wore my wedding dress when she got married–and looked a lot better in it, as she was a competitive swimmer! Bless you for all this joyful sharing.

  4. I loved this blog….. and as you know I LOVED planning my wedding. I miss my wedding. sigh. The best part of this story is Jared’s reaction, supportive from the start! Who says we can’t plan another wedding. Poor Greg should expect a vow renewal conversation in about 8 years! : )

  5. This was great. I think it would have been fine for you to wear the first dress though, if you really loved it. After all, even IF every other bride loved it too, THEY wouldn’t be at your wedding! 😉

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