This is what pretty penny will get you these days….

Whoa….that was so fast! I ordered this on Tuesday and the box arrived on Friday!

Here are the colors I was sent with my BoHo Glam Subscription for JUST A PRETTY PENNY!  (REMEMBER TO USE THE CODE MARCHINTRO)






As I mentioned in my original Julep post, I took the style test and was defined as BoHo Glam–the truth is I took the test until I got the colors I wanted:)  AND with the MARCHINTO code, I got both polishes and the hand scrub for $.01!!!

I LOVE THE COLORS!  I am so into the coral and teal craze right now!!!

While I love the colors, I wasn’t super impressed with the formula.  The Alicia color was REALLY thick–like paint and already chipped in two places (in less than 3 hours.)  It was also hard to move around my nail.

The Portia color was great, I like all the sparkle/glitter.  Though, I was disappointed that the color wasn’t more intense.

Overall, I don’t love them enough to keep them.  I sent a friend home with them yesterday.  I will keep the subscription for another month.  I did some research and I can change my “style” every month 🙂  I love nail polish and am hopeful that maybe a different color will have a better formula.

In other news:

I am still using the Vag Cream on my face, and I maintain that it is the new miracle product I had been looking for:)

My SHH and I spent the weekend in San Diego.  We had SUCH a great weekend.  Here is a family picture taken at Coronado Beach with my new hat:)  (if you remember from a previous post, I am avoiding sunscreen on my face right now and have purchased a few new hats)


28 thoughts on “This is what pretty penny will get you these days….

  1. Woo, I just got in on this bad boy! Uh…I saw “vag” cream and that really weirded me out a little, ahaha! What in the world is “vag” cream? :s

  2. Jealous of the beautiful weather! Good job keeping your face protected 🙂 Super cute family photo. I see what you mean about the polish colours, you probably have a tonne of similar nicer ones, the Alicia looks nice though, just disappointing about the colour/quality of Portia. C

  3. After seeing your post last week I ordered the Julep box and got the same colors. I’m glad to see it wasn’t just me who thought the coral color was really thick! I haven’t tried the turquoise yet but hopefully it’s better than the first color.

  4. Thanks so much for following my blog, I really appreciate it. As for your blog, I think it’s genius. You provide light for many unknown products out there and it’s great that you’re willing to try them; I think I may too!

  5. I love the outfit and the hat. Too cute. Now onto that beautiful nail color.. I love Portia. It’s so beautiful. I like my colors non intense but I think it looks great on you. Wonderful post

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