Friday Finds and other Non-Sense


a.  ROR–That’s like LOL, but for asians.

b.  I have two former roommates that would swear that this is EXACTLY-EXACTLY how I sing:)

2.  The hottest girl I know sent this to me today.

a.  I am A LOT like a Sloth-I like to be held, I need to eat every 4 hours and after I shave I like to slather lard all over my body.


3.  Most inspiring video on YouTube–I wish I was Allison:

4.  The #1 Reason I want kids.  Ironically, the #1 reason I shouldn’t have kids.

5.   Shoe-gasam6.  Just incase you were too lazy to pick up a french fry…they have thought of everything….7.  Reasons to treat your body well?  So when I’m old as dirt I can still have fun with my SHH.  8.  This is a picture from my wedding.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED our photographer and if you are getting married and looking, she and her SHH are 100% worth every single penny…plus they were so so so much fun.

What Shanni Saw

a.  I wish it was wedding day everyday.

b.  Seriously, it was like having your 2 BFF as your photographer.

9.  I just bought this for our bedroom:

Click it to buy your own 🙂

10.  Everyone should have sparkle in the bathroom.  This is from one of my fav blogs.

11.  Food Porn

I could just eat him....(Photo by Ben Riggot--THANK YOU KIND SIR!)

Another one of my ab fab blogs


34 thoughts on “Friday Finds and other Non-Sense

  1. Do you know what I would give to have a sloth as my pretend child?

    Adam Levine makes me want to do naughty, naughty things. Bad, perverted, nasty, naughty thing.

    I’m slightly annoyed I’m not the hottest girl you know. SAD FACE.

  2. Ha! I saw that little sloth on D-Listed today and it made my day 🙂 Also, old married couples are pretty much the cutest thing in the world. I always pass by this precious couple on my way to work every morning – they’re always smiling as they’re out on their morning stroll together and it’s just too presh!

  3. Did you see Kristen Bell on Ellen and her love of sloths? You must if you haven’t! I wasn’t a huge fan of Adam Levine, but dang, I might be now. Is that his girlfriend in the pics with him?
    Love all the pics!

  4. I’m sorry. I pretty much ignored everything except for Adam Levine. That man… that man… he… I… Uh… Gah. Hot. Too hot. Ice bath.
    Anyway… just in case you really wanted to know. The photographer’s Ben Riggot for Cosmo UK.

  5. 1.) Stolen. That’s hilarious.
    2.) I want one of those.
    3.) I am annoyed by that video.
    4.) I do that kind of stuff to my kids. Seriously. You have to have kids just for this kind of thing.
    5.)Yes please.
    6.) Ewwwww.
    7.) I’m excited to be old w/SHF (cause he is my Fella not my Hubs)
    8.) Best wedding picture EVAR.
    9.) LOL
    10.) YES.PLEASE. (and SHF looks like him naked 😉 I win.)

  6. Oh wow. I love everything about this post! First off – sloths are a big, cute ol’ YES! So is Adam Levine, lookin’ all naughty…mmm. I have to admit I was in awe of the Mr. T costume, too, and wish I could scrounge up enough energy to do at least half of Allison’s daily affirmation. Also, my friends and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair this summer specifically because I was moving back down south and HAD to find spaghetti on a stick before leaving. I never found that vendor, but did find deep fried bacon on a stick, served with country gravy. I’m in the planning stages of figuring out how to make that happen at home.

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