Must be his birthday too:)

This is how I feel this year:)  SHH surprised me with another BDAY gift yesterday!

For my 32nd Birthday-32 things about me

1.  I am a product whore.

2.  I love love–especially old love

3.  I STALKED my SHH before he noticed me (FOR 2 MONTHS)

4.  I can be a super snob

5.  Of the 4 Sex In The City ladies, I would like to think I am…wait for it…Carrie.  (don’t we all like to think we’re Carrie)

6.  My favorite foods are Strawberry Ice Cream and Pretzels-TOGETHER

7.  I am a FIRM believer in a skin care regimen.

8.  I really love Johnny Cash (even though my dogs name is Willie Nelson)

9.  I wear at least one piece of lululemon almost every single day.

10.  I hate to drive.

11.  I only watch 4 TV shows-NCIS, Chopped, Law and Order SVU, International House Hunters

12.  I don’t eat sugar….360 days of the year

13.  I really do hate balloons…

14.  and birds…

15.  and mnt. lions

16.  My lil brother is my favorite person….ever

17.  Our dogs name used to be Kanye West–but after the whole Taylor Swift Kanye West situation we changed his name to Willie Nelson.  Nobody hates Willie Nelson.


19.  I love long walks on the beach…

20.  Hiking with SHH and Willie Nelson


22. California…

23.  My dream car is a Maserati Coupe black/black

24.  My dream trip is a month in Bali

25.  I wear a LOT of grey, black and white.


27.  Smilin’s my favorite

28.  I am from a TINY town in “UP NORTH” Minnesota

29.  SHH and I joined a tennis club recently, we aren’t very good.

30.  I am ambiguously brown, so if someone asks if I’m Hawaiian or Asian or Spanish the answer is always yes:)

31. I love polka dots!

32.  I secretly think I would be a pretty good stand up comic.


103 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

    • SHUT UP KAM OLSON! Lol, YESTERDAY I was telling my SHH about you and how we were BFF as kids. And how I am almost positive you had a dog named Kareem Abdul Jabaar?! I have all these funny memories of you and Kristi P. Creepy Perf coincidence that you would comment today. AND THANK YOU for reading my blog! I appreciate the feedback:) You just made my morning! btw-happy late birthday 🙂

  1. OK. SO. We for really reals are twins separated at birth. We share the same DNA. LEGIT. Just exchange your SHH for my flavor of the month. Pinch me, I’m dreaming. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday :))
    Your ‘about me’ list above is way too long, but I love 19. Glad you liked ShipWrecked.
    I’m a big fun of polka dots – on women that is!
    Have fun – we kinda know you will anyway…….such energy

  3. Happy birthday girl! You’re such a cute and interesting girl! We wish you all the best…and lots of presents- lots of skin care products, vacations (possibly to California) and strawberries with pretzels!

  4. *****HAPPY REAL BIRTHDAY***** to YOU. THANK YOU for taking the time on such a Happy & Special Day to like and follow me. I feel HONORED. 😉 You enjoy your day and I will get you a BIGGER CARRIER for all you GIFTS. Got to watch that BACK. 😉

  5. – Happy Birthday!
    – I actually like to think I’m Charlotte.
    – Willie Nelson is the coolest name for a dog ever, because you can make statements such as “I went hiking with Willie Nelson”.
    – I would hope you hate smoking as a habit, not smokers as people. That’s just as rude and annoying as smoking. Hate the behavior, not the person.
    – Happy Birthday, again! (I know this is an earlier post, so I figured I better say it twice, for good measure)

    • I loved all of this. Especially the “I went hiking with Willie Nelson” better yet, I cuddled this morning with Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson just stuck his tongue in my mouth/nose/armpit/ear. I slept with Willie Nelson…I could do this all day 🙂

  6. Happy Late Birthday… to both of us. I have to say it. I really thought it was weird now that I entered your blog after I saw you liked a post in mine and then realized you and I were born the same day… anyways, happy birthday ! 🙂

  7. I’m officially late on saying this, but Happy Belated Birthday anyway!

    This is a wonderful idea for a birthday post. I may or may not have to steal it when it comes to be that time…

    Also, I happen to be from a tiny town way up in northern MN too. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and hope you enjoy your subscription!

    • Thank you! I really appreciate that feedback. After reading your post yesterday about the snow I was thinking about you on the way to work this morning….It was only 45 degrees and I had the butt warmers on in the car:) I am a wimp…UNLIKE YOU!

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