SHH Sent me this from the post office:)

The box was a lot smaller than I thought it would be:(

Welcome Card! I was so excited!

Weird, it feels so empty.

Hmmmm...that's it?

Chocolate? I don't even eat sugar!

Really BirchBox? REALLY?

The Hindenburg isn’t even big enough of a disaster to describe my disappointment.  Really, .2 ounces of zit cream, and .2 ounces of face wash–both entirely not enough product to form an opinion around–perfume and peel and stick eye liner—LAME?  I spent weeks reading reviews of other HAPPY BirchBox recipients.  The Beauty Blender, Hair Oils, Violent Lips, Nail Polishes and other awesome products and I got the rejected left overs?  Talk about buyers remorse.

In My Professional Product Whore Opinion?

FAIL.  I will give you another chance next month, but it better be amaze.  Like gold plated, full sized, naked sculpture of David Beckham Amaze.

In other news, I also got my BeautyFix package.  (insert Hallelujah Chorus)


1. Purple SpaRitual Nail Lacquer-FULL SIZE-NORMAL PRICE $10.00

2.  Color Science SunForgettable Mineral Sun Protection-NORMAL PRICE $12.00

3. Frais Hand Sanitizer

4.  2 oz. Philip B Katira Hair Masque-NORMAL PRICE $20.00

5.  7 oz. Glytone Body exfoliating body wash-NORMAL PRICE $28.00

6. Jonathan IB Revitalizer Overnight Oil Treatment Spray 100% Vegan-NORMAL PRICE $29.00

7. 4.2 oz. Jonathan Create Motion Shaping Creme Ge-NORMAL PRICE $24.00

8. Kronos Shampoo, Conditioner, Overnight Repair Masque, 7 in 1 Conditioning Spray

9. 2–YES, I said 2! Adorable floral makeup bags.

All said and done, I am guessing the grand total is $140.  I paid, $40.  This box comes quarterly and I get to pick what I want.  EAT THAT BIRCHBOX! me know if you’d like an invite.

46 thoughts on “BirchBox SCHMIRCHBOX

  1. This months Birchbox was definitely not one of the greatest but last month there was a full sized Stila eyeliner which I use quite often. I have had some great months and some not so great one. Gotta stick with it a few months. Then decide.

  2. Beauty Fix looks waaay better! I quit Birchbox after a few months, my samples collection was building up and the useless samples outweighed the good ones.

  3. I just got my birch box invite yesterday, and I was sooo excited. I’ve had some friends who raved about it so maybe it is just an off month? February is the shortest month of the year after all! I would love love love an invite to beautyfix though….

  4. I’ve been contemplating hopping on the Birchbox bandwagon… after reading, I’m still deciding. Bummer it was so lousy this month. Hopefully next month will be better — keep us posted!

  5. how disappointing of your birchbox! We have one called glossybox in Australia and people raved and raved so i jumped on the bandwagon and it was so crap. I stuck it out for two months and was so disappointed. Moved on to ILoveThisBox which is brilliant!

  6. I have done Birchbox for several months now and can say that it has been more good than not. Birchbox ($10 here’s my invite: and Beauty Army ($12 are the boxes to beat right now! Best quality – like Christmas every month! I just got a myglam bag and it was the most disappointing thing my mail box has ever seen! Don’t waste your money!

  7. The last 2 birchboxes I recieved were nice this Feb. one was a big disappointment. I would stick with it a bit longer. I would love a invite to beauty fix.

  8. Crap!!! I just signed up for BirchBox. WHAH!! I’ve never heard of Beauty Fix. Thanks for the heads up. I guess I’ll be signing up for something else.

  9. haha! i love this. Where do you find this kind of stuff. I’ve never been good at being a product whore. I stick to my clothes and handbags.

  10. February was a bad month for Birchbox! You have to give it at least 3 months before canceling because there have been good ones with full products! They also have a good loyalty system so by referring and doing a review on everything I get on their website, I’ve started getting my makeup on their site for almost free with the points I earned, whether I’ve gotten the product in my Birchbox or not!

  11. I’ve never done Birchbox but I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews. It seems like it’s really hit or miss. Some months really great, some months really shit. I’m sorry your first month sucked.

  12. I have been getting birchbox for about 6 months now and the last few have really disappointed me. I am thinking I might bail out. Oh, did you try on those eyeliner sticker things from that box? They looked so silly but I had to try them on anyway and yes, they were totally ridiculous!!! I can’t possibly imagine someone would actually wear them out, in front of people. They ended up in my trash. Big time fail!

  13. I’ve heard/read so many mixed reviews about birchbox and similar sites, I’ve always been curious, yet skeptical to try. Definitely post next month’s and depending on that I might take the plunge! Always on the look out for new products and it makes for great blog reviews!!

  14. i would love an invite to the magical, mystical Beauty Fix. a side note: your blog is a combination of absolutely lovely & absolutely hysterical. and i’m in a real sh*tty mood today so thank you, thank you so much for that!

    • Invite to Beauty Fix sent! Thank you for your kind feedback. I was so blah about writing today, I thought a good story was a better idea-glad it worked for your mood:) When I’m in a bad mood, I watch videos of fainting goats on youtube…always makes me feel better.

  15. I’ve been debating on which beauty club to join next. I’m subscribed to New Beauty now & it’s okay but could be better (too many repeat brands & products for my liking). It’s $40/quarter & I had contemplating Birchbox next but that package you received blows. BeautyFix looks pretty good though…hmmm, decisions decisions..

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