The Gospel Truth according to MOI!

Some thoughts for Thursday:

A pretty girl can be BUTT ugly with the wrong attitude…we all know the type…and we kinda hate her.

I spend FAR too much money on makeup and skin care.

Especially considering, so many  songs are written about the girl next door who looks good with no makeup on and a pony tail.  It’s the truth, a REAL smile is ABSOLUTELY your best feature.  It’s free and so simple.

Yesterday, a blogger messaged me asking about wearing red lipstick to an interview.  I was flattered to be asked…but I wish I could take back my answer.  While yes, I am far too conservative to wear bright red lipstick to an interview, I think the most important thing in an interview is a CONFIDENT smile (and good posture).

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I am so sore from yesterday’s booty workout.  SO SORE.  I could barely make it down the stairs.  DO IT!

Shellac Experiment Day 10:

The grow out is getting obvious, and I am bored with the colors. These earrings help 🙂

Still, no chips, no peeling, no smudges.  They are perfect.  AND STILL SUPER SHINY!


23 thoughts on “The Gospel Truth according to MOI!

  1. Well put. I agree – no matter how pretty your face if you are mean or have a horrible attitute that pretty becomes ugly very quickly!

  2. My boyfriend once told me he preferred me looking natural like i did at that point in time. I smiled and realised he had no idea that i was wearing primer, tinted moisturiser, foundation, concealer, and mascara.
    I think natural is nice but you can achieve a really good natural look with make up when done right.
    But i agree. A smile is always the best thing to put on your face

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