HAPPY VALENTINES DAY—to everyone…including you “singleton scrooge”

“Singleton Scrooge” you know the type-hates Valentines day, says there’s so much pressure.  Is ticked off this morning because her Starbucks barista made a heart shape in her foam.  Would rather plummet a heart shaped pinata to death-consequently eating all the candy inside then blaming her belly ache on this crappy holiday.  UNTIL, next year when prince charming shows up and brings her a dozen roses at work to make all her co-worker jealous (well played Prince Charming, well played).

I dig it.  SHH is awesome everyday, so Valentines day isn’t a big deal in our house.  I have to face the facts, there are no upgrades to that upgrade–he is as good as they come TIMES a gagillion 🙂

Here are some Valentines Inspirations:

I HATE BALLOONS--Seriously, they make me blink incessantly. I feel like they are gonna pop at any second. Its exhausting. But this ethereal quality of this picture is intoxicating to me.

No need for words...

There is nothing more that I love then old people in LOVE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE TWO.

Dear Singleton Scrooge, your heart will go on. xoxo, M


Images from Pinterest:)

On the topic of LOVE:

I have been over the moon excited about this review for days.  I have been holding out just to be sure I love it.  And I do!  SO MUCH!


“Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex
What it is:
An antiaging treatment featuring pure vitamin C along with Murad’s patented Skin Repair System with Co3.

What it is formulated to do:
Improves skin elasticity, helps stimulate collagen synthesis, improves skin clarity, and provides powerful antioxidant protection as it reverses damage and restores environmentally-aging skin.

Research Results:
Clinical testing has shwon that using this product reverses damage and restores environmentally-aging skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 17% in one application and reduces photo damage by up to 47% in four weeks.

-Vitamin C: Helps to decrease fine lines and prevent free radical damage.
-Retinol and Vitamin A: Work to restore maximum clarity.
-Orange and Ranunculus Ficaria Extracts: Soothe and protect.”-Sephora.com


I am very recently obsessed with Vitamin C.  You might remember HERE when I posted about the Murad Vitamin C serum–I LOVE IT.

This Renewal Complex is the ODDEST consistency.  Its like a lotion/serum combo–but it almost feels exfoliating when it goes on.  And when it hits your skin it almost turns to…nothing.  Its hard to explain.  Its so sheer and SILKY smooth going on and a little tingly.

This is one of the only products I have ever purchased that has an IMMEDIATE result. SERIOUSLY, in the first few days I could tell that my skin was more radiant and A LOT smoother.  NOTICEABLY SO!  Currently, I am using the serum at night and the Renewal Complex for day-topped with SPF 30 from PTB.

It’s an expensive product, but I really love it.  When I was in Sephora I was lucky enough to connect with the Murad rep in store.  She helped me understand the importance of a treatment like this or the serum, she also reiterated the importance of sunscreen.

This product is 100% worth stopping in for a sample.  Let me know your thoughts on it if you do.

-Side note:  Toner-the Murad rep convinced me to get a toner.  YEARS AND YEARS of failed toner results and this one I actually like.  I am currently using nearly $500 in skincare and if toner actually improves effectiveness it seems like a no brainer.  I feel like I can actually feel a difference with the toner–stand by for more on toners, I want to give it a little more time.


14 thoughts on “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY—to everyone…including you “singleton scrooge”

        • I almost got the same stuff. I like Murad bc it works well with my serum. More than the brand its the concept of Vitamin C. I have to assume they are pretty similar. I can’t wait to hear how you like it!

          • Verdict so far:
            No tingle. I’m kind of sad about that.
            No AHAs. I’m kind of sad about that too.
            Definitely need another moisturizer with it, it’s really really light.

            I might be too jealous of Murad…I’ll give it a few more days but I might need to make a swap…

            • The tingle is my favorite-for the cost of this stuff I like the immediate gratification I get from said tingle. Its been an hour since I put it on and I can still feel it just a little. I also wear a moisturizer over it. Its definitely a treatment so I feel like my PTB SPF moisture is more important than before (stay tuned for that review). I would say that since I got the new Renewal Complex my skin is the best it has ever been. Honestly. On that note, DEAR SKIN GODS, ITS MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND, PLS DON’T MISPLACE MNT. RUSHMORE IN MY T-ZONE FOR SAYING THAT.
              Does Ulta do samples?

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