“Like a DragQueen trying too hard (wait, is that a double negative?)”

Last night was SO SO SO much fun.  The Fantastic 4 and Willy Wonka out in full force:)  I wish I had pictures of all 4 of us together but the volunteer ushers were very rushed and put the nix on my impromptu photo shoot.  LAME.  At the time, I was less bent out of shape, now I am annoyed that they stole my memories.  THIEFS!

The event was so fun.  It wasn’t at all what I expected…I honestly had no idea.  There were SO MANY more people than I imagined.  And Marty is so accomplished and has made such amazing contributions to our pop culture.  Over all I was UBER impressed (even though I had only seen one of his movies and it was practically at gun point:).)

Here are some pics:)

Top 3 images from HERE

I wish I hadn't been silly here, SHH looks amaze.

Clearly the smoky eye thing never had a chance...I barely have eyes:)

These two look famous.

My dress was super Jackie O from the front and Madonna from the back.  SHH wore a nice navy suit (I appreciate that he considered the Navy Blue+Coral combo-he’s so hip.) Our friends looked super important too.

Before the event last night, I stopped in to Sephora for some Dior Lip Glow as mine is lost.  I was talking to my FAV consultant-Joseph and he mentioned that I should consider:

St. Tropez Golden Glow Kit

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

HE WAS SO 100% RIGHT.  I just wrote about the St. Tropez everyday gradual.  Love the color hate the stickiness.  This set was a 100% upgrade.  AT LEAST 100%.

Keep in mind that I left work, stopped at Sephora went home and applied just an hour before the event.  It is a super easy foam to apply and came with that cute lil mit, and the color was IMMEDIATE so it was easy to tell where it went. I actually couldn’t believe how great the color is.   I am ambiguously brown so I think the color developed better and faster for me than some. The absolute best part is:  NO SMELL AND IT DRIED IMMEDIATELY.

At first, I was worried about looking too brown (like a drag queen trying too hard-WAIT, is that a double negative).  But upon final inspection I was SUPER pleased with the color development-only an hour later.  Even this morning I am UBER HAPPY with it.  My only regret is that I didn’t know about this for our wedding!

AND because it came as a set it included the Skin Illuminator.  I AM OVER THE MOON IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF.  Instead of a moisturizer I used this with my foundation.  It made me super glowy but not at all glittery.  It was the PERFECT amt of moisture for my face.  I also used this on all visible skin last night, which was limited to my calves, forearms and back. I love love love how it subtly highlighted these areas. LOVE.  It wasn’t a shimmer, or a glitter just the most perfect glow.  Again, TOTALLY wish I would’ve found this for my wedding.


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