Event Night: Martin Scorsese-American Riveria Film Award

Our insanely gracious friends got us tickets to the American Riviera Film Award honoring Martin Scorsese.  The event is part of the Santa Barbara Film Festival and I assume it will be AWESOME…OBVIOUSLY.  Red Carpet, Leonardo, likely a Baldwin brother:)  I feel like it has all the elements of a great night full of pictures and memories.

Needless to say there will be some serious pre-event primping–that started yesterday:)

It started with eyebrow threading (obviously) as all pics look better with a good frame:)

Load of water drinking.  LOADS.  At least a gallon each day.

Then the sunless tanner.  Again, I hate the way St. Tropez feels but I love the color.  I applied twice yesterday to get a good base:)  I will apply again when I get out of the shower pre-event.

Got my nails did….Groomed nails are very important to me.  I think nails are just another accessory.  I rarely do a color, I just like them to look shiny and groomed.

My dress is Coral so I don’t want my nails to compete for attention:

Ahhh...ruching...I luh you. Image from: Here

This open back is a little bold for me, but I like that its still classy enough.

I decided to roll with a statement necklace because while this dress is a commitment to color the style is overall pretty classic.


I am planning to wear my hair up…Thank you to my own personal stylist (Mrs. Yocum)

I am thinking a classic top knot: (side note, look are her BEAUTIFUL eyebrows!)


Classic Top Knot

I will try for a nice smokey eye…I will likely fail 😉

Smokey eyes

And I’m going for glowy skin:

I love that her look is glowy but not over done.

And a VERY natural lip with my FAV DIOR LIP GLOW!


Events are so so so much fun!  Stand by for pics!







10 thoughts on “Event Night: Martin Scorsese-American Riveria Film Award

  1. Sounds amazing!! Love the coral idea…..you always looked great in warm tones….lucky bitch. Coral is also the “it color” for spring (according to my Pantone Color magazine). Do you have a subsciption?

  2. Ladies, thank you. Vicki–I am definitely going to make your “creepy email” into another blog post. YOU NEED TO BE A GUEST BLOGGER. Hippy, the dress was my fav. It was Jackie O from the front and Madonna from the back and moving forward Coral is my color. I wear Coral like a boss (if this doesn’t make you laugh, you are not human). Turns out Marty Scorsese is very captivating and a HUGE influence on our culture. Very cool event. I am honored to have such great friends:)

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