Hello Friday…I love you…

Personally, I prefer William..but whatevs

Amazing Image from HERE

I have been wanting a hair cut for awhile (I blame Pinterest)…something totally different…maybe something short?  However, this is a recent conversation with my SHH (Smokin Hot Hubs):
SHH: That is a team decision-and previously outlined in our pre-nuptial agreement.
M: (rolling eyes) Oh, it is?
M: Weird, I thought because its my hair it qualifies as my decision?
SHH: Malia, I can do some ugly sh!t over here.
M: (curious) Such as?
SHH: I could shave my head OR get fat
M: You win this one.

So, I got bangs instead.

This picture was taken PRE Hydrochloric Acid

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

This picture was taken the morning after the bang cut.  In this picture I like them.  Since I work on a webcam and have to be presentable for clients all the time, I thought bangs would give me a more finished look.  ESPECIALLY since I am bringing back the messy bun on top of my head in a big *I-am-far-to-lazy-to-do-my-hair-everyday* kinda way.

In reality, I hate them.  Now that I have to wear glasses its so bothersome to have bangs because they hit an odd spot on my brow line.  When we play tennis I HAVE to wear a headband because they hang too far into my eyes.

Yes, they do help me look more finished (and because I am hat-less today I like that they hide the left over scaring WOUND from the weekend).  BUT they add a few extra mins to my routine…I HATE THIS.

Other nice bangs:

I prefer a side swept bang but she is gorg.


She's so career woman in this pic

I think these are an extension, not an actual cut.

Images from HERE

Maybe I just need to get used to them.  Actually, I recant my previous statement.  I don’t hate them…the jury is still out.


5 thoughts on “SHE BANGS, SHE BANGS!

  1. I think they look great….even better if you would smile in your pic :). I was thinking about getting bangs too. I have done the bangs thing before and I don’t love them but I am NEED of a new cut.

    • I would check with Taylor first…Apparently hair cuts are a big deal to dudes…UNBELIEVABLE! 😉 I haven’t had a different cut since….I can’t actually remember not having my current hair cut! I like your face, so I think it will look nice with or without bangs.

  2. I love when I have bangs, but all of a sudden it became THE hairstyle among ATS belly dancers so I got bored with it. When everyone else is bored with it in another year, maybe I’ll cut them again.

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