I went for a bikini wax and got a hole in my head…

True Story…

YUP, that’s me.  Wearing a hat to work 3 days in a row.  I have a band-aid on my head to cover the (still oozing) WOUND.  CLASSY.  Thankfully, I have a female boss that understands the dangers of applying ACID TO YOUR FACE;)

On Sat I went in for a bikini wax.  I go to the same esthetician because she is awesome.  She’s great with conversation (which is fairly important while in those compromising positions) and the best waxer this side of the Mississippi.

I also had a zit smack dab in the middle of my forehead.  Seriously, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE, and it was HUGE and PAINFUL.  Since she is an esthetician, I thought she might have something to make it less…obnoxious.  Since she is like the nicest person you ever met, she was super willing to help.

So she had me lay on the table and she used a q-tip to apply a liquid to the spot.  Unfortunately, since it was a liquid it started to slip all over my forehead…it even dripped to a spot right below my bottom lash line.  At first I couldn’t feel a thing.  Then slowly…a burn.  A slow but intense burn.  Then the pain.  Keep in mind, she has proceeded to my bikini wax, so at first the pain is just all over.  I was semi-distracted at this point, you know like when you tell your sibling that your tooth hurts so they punch you in the leg to help divert your attention to your new charlie horse?  Kinda like that…actually exactly like that.

When she finished I ran to the mirror ( because the burn was so intense at this point I actually thought there might be a small billow of smoke emanating from the zit (now wound.)  Nope, no smoke AND NO ZIT.  Just a hole where it used to be.  Since I was so uncomfortable, I took a small pad of gauze and tried to wipe it clean.  EPIC FAIL, the hole disintegrated into my gauze and the bleeding started and it was a lot.  3 gauze pads later and some wound instruction I am on my way home.

The entire way home I had to keep pressure on my zit/wound to keep the blood from obstructing my view.  While it hurt, I thought it wasn’t that bad…until I got home.

Scene: The Packers are losing a play-off game.  The dog is pacing and nervous–this is a tell tail sign that my Smokin Hot Hubs (who I will refer to as my SHH moving forward) has been yelling at the TV.

Just as my SHH turns to look at me he gasps.  I was wrong.  It is far worse than I thought.  I think it is important for the reader to know that under normal (NON Packers losing a play off game moments) my SHH is super graceful in these situations.  So, I would guess the gasp was 50% from the situation with the Packers and 50% from the actual sight of my wound.  Either way, it is worse than I thought.

Moral of the story…

Hydrochloric Acid=EPIC FAIL


Saving Grace


82 thoughts on “I went for a bikini wax and got a hole in my head…

  1. This sounds awful and painful! Thank you for sharing your story with us Malia. You convinced me to never use Hydrochloric Acid on my face.

  2. What a great read. Thanks for the sad and regrettable, yet captivating and superbly-written story. I can’t personally relate to the bikini wax nor the hole in the head, but as much as could be felt through the blogosphere…I felt ya. I stumbled upon this via Facebook, via our one mutual friend Heather/Leila. I’ll check back in on your very well-written blog from time to time. Peace.

    • Dear New BFF aka Jason,

      Thank you. I think my blog is now 12 days old and I really appreciate the feedback. I can barely get my own friends to read my blog…let alone people I don’t even know. YOU are my ABSOLUTE favorite.

      Xoxo, BFF

  3. I don’t know whether to laugh, or cry……! I’m now having visions of a thought process along the lines of… ‘Hmmm, do I need the hydrocortisone, or the hydrochloric?, I can never remember….ah well, one way to find out…….’ Sizzle.

  4. Hi Malia! I saw that you began following my blog mybrownsparkles.wordpress.com, and just wanted to say Thank You! I will be looking out for your blog posts as I see you are product obsessed as well. Thanks Again! – Sparkle Brown

  5. And this is why I don’t go in for Brazilians (or sometimes remove hair in general). Sounds terrible-but you made it sound really funny (sorry).

    Thanks for following my blog!

  6. Hello! Nice to meet you, it’s my first visit to your blog. I like the way you write, hehe, funny for us, the readers 🙂 From your post, I understand that bikini waxing is dangerous, hehe. Joking! 🙂

  7. That’s just scary–wow. Gotta say, “thanks for sharing your experience,” as it’s something I’m only going to want to live vicariously. Seconding every one who said, “ouch.”

  8. I read this to my mom and wife because I thought would enjoy it and I was correct. They laugh and giggled as I tried to read it as if you would tell it. Thx for sharing and bringing them entertainment at the exspense of your forehead

  9. Just before a very special wedding I got a CONSTELLATION on my cheek. Although it was hideous, I’m glad I wasn’t desperate enough to resort to hydrochloric acid. The name alone should be a red flag.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Call me sadistic, but it made me smile.

  10. After you started following my blog, I saw the title of this article and it somewhat intrigued me…. I have to say that I felt quite amused, yet very sympathetic at the same time. Quite an odd combination!

  11. Freakin’ hilarious. Great sense of humor throughout the piece. Sorry about the wound, blech. We do suffer for beauty, don’t we….

  12. What a painfully great story. As a hairdresser and make up artist I refused to do the bikini waxing thing. Maybe because I needed to keep my mind focused on the zits on my customers foreheads. I hope you got your waxing free. I have one of those hubbies too lol they are rare.

  13. Hi Malia – thanks for checking out my blog. I stopped by to see what you are up to and I found this post right away. Laughed out loud – tweeted and fb’d it for others to notice. You have a comedic gift! Lovely to meet you –

  14. Malia .. that is Hilarious! I have never tried neither … but I may be running to try the bikini wax before the hydorchloric acid on a zit!
    Oh, almost forgot thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Malia, you have to be one of the most adventurous (and trusting) people I have ever met! Yikes! What a nightmare – I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight . . . this would make a good Stephen King short story, you know?

  16. I am also an aesthetician & would recommend rose hip seed oil for healing your skin without scarring. Several companies offer it, mostly found in health food stores. Bikini waxes are painful enough without acid burns in addition! Ouch.


    If the picture wasn’t so cute this would just be plain tragedy!!!!
    Hope by the time you are reading this you are completely healed and maybe even giggling about it!

    Thank you so much for checking out my blog and becoming a follower!


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