When my husband and I were dating, I told him early on that I would not marry him if he continued to smoke.  Our marriage was in fact contingent upon this condition.  I felt like if we were going to make this commitment, we should be able to demand the best from each other (in every sense.)  I didn’t want to marry someone that would knowingly subject themselves to the dangers of lung cancer.  PLUS, I think it stinks so bad and I have never met a smoker with beautiful skin.  In an effort to contribute to the pre nuptial sacrifices I gave up an equally ridiculous bad habit that could cause cancer…skin cancer. If he gives up smoking, I would give up tanning beds.  In both cases, the damage is self-inflicted and unnecessary.

ENTER the ENDLESS search for the Best Sunless Tanner

“Skin Concern: All Skin Types

How do you get sun without the screen? It’s easy to get a gorgeous glow with just a simple swipe. Somerville360° Tanning Towelettes offer an incredible skin-kissed look that doesn’t require SPF. With a quick and easy application that prevents uneven tone or streaking, it’s the best way to get a healthy-looking tan. Best of all, because this advanced formula works with your skin’s own proteins, it gradually darkens to an ultra-natural, complementary color every time.

  • Non-toxic, paraben-free DHA is a safe coloring agent that reacts with the skin’s amino acids to darken in a way that complements natural skin tones.
  • A special formula was created to dry within seconds to ensure that clothing, sheets, and towels won’t get stained.
  • Tea Tree Extracts help keep skin clean and clear.
  • Calming Cucumber soothes and refreshes.”

Caption and images from Kate

Image from: HOWTO

My Professional Product Whore Opinion:

Ohhhhhh….tanning towels:)  BIG FRESH LEMONY TANNING TOWELS.  I love that this tanning towel is about the same size (maybe larger) as a standard paper towel.  That’s HUGE and I dig it.  It smells delicious (like Fruit Loops).

I like that its wicked easy to apply.  I like that it dries semi-fast.  I like that it smells pleasant enough and doesn’t transfer.  I like the actual color:)  I love that its not at all orange.  For me it was noticeable pretty quickly.  Its not even a little bit messy (this is a huge perk).  With very little effort I was able to get a streak less, blotchi-less, even tan in just mins.

I totally recommend it.  Especially for those of you that aren’t super detail oriented:)

Update: Neither of us have broken our pre-nup promises 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sacrifices….

  1. I’m going to try these! I’m currently using the Lancome ones, and they’re nice, but they don’t make you brown (like our ethicity:-P), just a nice bronze color.

  2. I may have to unsubscribe to this blog… or hide my credit cards. So far I have wanted every single product!!! Great review M!

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